Monday 2 January 2012

2012, The Start of a New Beginning #Mumentum

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2012, a brand new year and a great time to make changes. Not to make resolutions you understand, they are too easily broken but to make changes that will stay with me forever, sensible ones that are long overdue.

I am feeling good at the start of this new year, any worries I had about being depressed have been blown out the water by a couple of weeks at home with my family. Downtime and a lack of pressure have had a marked positive impact on me. It has finally dawned on me that in 2013 I will be 40 and that at 40 I should be fit and healthy. If I do not take control of my eating by then I may never and that is too scary to comprehend.

I have some superb goals to aim towards with regard to sorting my weight out. At the end of June this year I will speak at BritMums live and whilst I am a confident person, a trainer even by profession. The thought of this is a bit scary and that is a good thing as I always do well when I am apprehensive. I have vision of me in a dress standing there confident and feeling great.

Then in August 2013 both dh and I will turn 40 and I am hoping that my lovely parents will come and look after our kids for a week so dh and I can concentrate on a wonderful week alone as a couple. I just need to imagine how great this alone time will be if I am slimmer and feeling good about myself – watch out dh, you may find you are married to a 40 year old hottie (oh, you have to poke fun at yourself don’t you?).

So what changes am I making? Simple ones, the kind that I can keep up and that will stay with me:

• I want to eat 3 balanced meals a day and if I feel the need to snack in between they need to be simple and healthy at about 100 calories max.

• I will keep to around 1200 – 1500 calories per day. So nothing too drastic but enough of a cut that the weight will start to move.

• I want to cut down on the amount of carbs I eat. It does not feel right for me to follow the Dukan or Aitkens diets as I want a way of eating that I can establish for life but I have seen before that when I eat less carbs and have more protein and veg I see better results and feel a lot more energy.

• A superb friend that shaped up a couple of years ago has lent me a walking exercise DVD by Leslie Sanson and it looks really good. I am actually interested to start using it. I have bought my stretch band to use too.

• I will listen to my Thinking Slimmer slimpod each night as I know that when I do that my thought processes change and I want to eat better.

• I will pray and hand my problems over to God. I have to believe that my weight is a big enough issue that He cares about it and will help me.

• I need to go to bed at a decent time most nights.  The more tired I am the harder I find it to lose weight, so the obvious thing is to make me a priority and get enough sleep.

In 2012 I do not want to follow any fads or drop a large amount of weight in next to no time. I want to do this right and be able to sustain it. Today I weight 17st 9lb and am a size 22/24, then by BritMums Live I want to be a neat size 18 and whatever weight that brings. I suspect it will be a drop of around 4 stone. So 56lbs to lose in 25 weeks that is roughly averaging 2lb a week, which I know is realistic and healthy.

Rock on Mich…… and good luck to anyone else joining me on this #Mumentum or should I say gargantuan journey! I’ll be posting each Monday and keeping you abreast of my progress.

Come on, who is with me?  There must be quite a few of us trying to start shifting the pounds or getting fit.  I am hoping the lovely Liska will be keeping the #Mumentum linky going in 2012. 

Just to keep reminding myself of the need for this. It is the awful starting pictures again. Ohh delightful - every lump and bump is shown in these.  My idea is I will get photographed in the same outfit ongoing so I can see the success.