Thursday 22 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Keeping it in the Day! Wk 38

Good morning all,

I feel like I have been on a real journey this week, something amazing happened and should not be underestimated. 159 bloggers (mostly parenting) came together and posted to help raise awareness for the petition that Save the Children have to lobby David Cameron to do his part towards making sure that there are enough health workers accross the world. I am not quite sure what number the petition finished on, about 43000 the last time I looked before it ended.

Thank you sincerely to everyone who took time to take part.  Now gang, we have to keep this going. If we all post sporodically we can maintain awareness levels and slowly influence others and get more people on board to lobby for change.

With a week that has been so focused on others, I am taking time today to thank the Lord for all my wonderful reasons to be cheerful.

Today -
I woke in a bedroom my gorgeous Dad has just decorated for us
I woke next to a handsome hubbie in a comfy bed
All the kids slept well and are safe
My children are all at school being educated as I type
We all enjoyed a hearty breakfast this morning and will have two further good meals today
Our clothes are clean and warm
I am meeting a lovely friend for lunch and some great chatting
I have made JJ a routine doctors appointment and he is able to see a professional promptly
I have cleaned my kitchen and it is spotless
Tonight I will go to my eating disorders meeting and enjoy fellowship with those in the same boat
I AM CONTENT!  (That is the biggie)

So what about you?  Tell us your reasons to be cheerful this week.  I will make sure I get to everyone to say hi this week.  If you have posted and want to link up, head over to Mum of all Trades as she is our guest host for this week.  Next week #R2BC returns home to me, Mummy.  I have missed it but have been blessed by all the guest hosts.  Everyone has made me proud looking after our baby and introduced a new joiner or two.  Well done, team effort!

One last plug, if you are wondering what you can do to help Save The Children now the petition is closed, you could give some money to help all those people starving in East Africa due to the drought.  Even £2.00 would make a difference. In fact I'll go without a coffee at lunch today and do just that.

As there are no photos in this post and it is always good to have some visual, I'll share this very short vidow with you.  Made by Lindsay, who on YouTube has a channel called Lilliesarelike she went to Mozambique with @ChristineMosler earlier this year and took this footage, it is brilliant.  These are the smilies your donations will bring.

Thanks all, be blessed.  Mich x