Sunday 17 July 2011

This time, 4 years ago...

I looked like this -

I was so ready to pop it was untrue, the blood pressure medication I was taking made me tired and I wanted to sleep all the time, I could hardly walk with all the swelling. I had been in hospital for 2 weeks already with pre-eclampsia, see that wrist band - they just let me home each day to see JJ for a couple of hours.  My Dad would drive to the hospital to get me and I would come home and flomp in bed to watch a DVD with my beloved boy, letting him have some special time with Mummy before those pesky sisters arrived.

By this time in the evening on 17th July 2007 I had enjoyed a busy day listening to my iPod, napping, reading and chatting to all my other long term pregnant mummies on the ward. JJ and my Mum and Dad had come to visit me and had lunch with me in the hospital restaurant. Dh had been in to visit me in the evening and bring me some nice food, rather than the awful hospital grub.  I had laid in bed while the breastfeeding counsellor had massaged my boobs (yes you really did just read that!) to help me express tiny drops of the precious golden liquid that is colostrum. Using her syringe she captured them all and took them away for cold storage in case either of my babes had to head off for special care and needed this special nourishment even more. Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome meant that my numb fingers could not do the expressing job for themself.  So in the most surreal situation, I fell asleep while she expressed me, I really was a human cow being milked.

For over a week I had begged daily for them to let me have my c-section.  There was no question of vaginal birth after having a crash section with JJ and carrying twins this time, they felt the stress on my body would just be too much, especially when I had pre-eclampsia. I had loads of friends who had already had their twins, some of which had them so early at 24, 28, 32 weeks that I just could not understand why they would not put me out of my misery and let me have my babes.  The consultant told me that every day made a difference and if I could hold onto those babes they would not need any special care and that would make the world of difference.

I am so glad that he knew best. I finally had my girls on 18th July 2007 at 37 + 1 and neither baby needed any kind of special care.  My C-section was a success,  Miss E was born first weighing 5lb 11oz and Miss M followed, weighing 6lb 1oz.  I joke that Miss M kicked Miss E out so she had more room!

Miss E - calm and demure hiding from the camera!

Miss M - Screaming her guts out and letting the world know she has arrived!
Looking at the above photos now, perhaps we should have known that Miss M would be a feisty little madam!  We were left alone for a few hours in the recovery room and this was our first taste of what it would be like to deal with 2 babes at a time.  I got on with this...

  and dh sorted out the other babe...

So now I feel all loved up, not only with my girls but with dh too. Tomorrow is my beautiful babies 4th birthday and they will be at nursery all day.  They actually think their birthday was today, so we have done the presents, cakes and all the fun stuff.  Sadly work calls for me in the morning.

Think I'll be posting my birth story later this week....  watch this space.