Monday 18 July 2011

A #MumenTum Week in Tweets

Here I sum up my week as if I am tweeting a daily update.  A way of trying to keep me to the point!

Arrgghh, Brain overload. Moth infestation, work too busy, head is spinning! Can't cope, want to go to bed & sleep.

My boss is fairy Godmother, sorting work for me. Good Birthday party for my girls. Feeling positive, Mich can cope with anything!

Positive start to day, 50 crunches, feel motivated! Made good progress on work from home. Girls have settling in session for Reception.

Started with my #Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer, enjoyed it! Starting weight 17st 6lb ekk - why am I so honest? Went back to my eating disorder meeting.

Parents up to help with house gut to remove all moths! Housework exercise all day. Chilled with great mate at cinema & chinese in the eve. Very late night, yawn!

The house overhaul continues, 2 bedrooms down - 25 loads of washing later... Have been good with my food, yay! but late night again, double yawn!

School fete, family here for girls birthday and house cleaning continues.  Have best parents in the world! Chill with kids and dh watching a family film inn the evening.

Weigh in day, 17st 3lb - 3lb loss - YES! *punches air*. Off to work for busy day but all is well. Enjoying a relax writing my blog this evening.

A good week in all, how are the rest of you?  Things seem to be very quiet on the #Mumentum front.  Promise to come and visit everyone this week.  Love ya, Mich x

Have you got a Mum Tum that you are looking to lose?  Write a relevant post, link up at Liska's and join us on our #Mumentum journey.