Thursday 7 July 2011

#R2BC - Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 27

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I have lots and lots to feel grateful for today, just like every other day of my very fortunate life.  In truth, I am very tired today and I feel a bit blue (no massive reason, I think it is just that time of the month, you know how it is sometimes).

So going through the exercise of looking at what I am grateful for is especially good for me today. Here is my list -
  1.  JJ had a little friend home for tea today and this morning as the boys Mum and I confirmed the details he had his fingers crossed that it would come off and he would come home with us. My heart jumped for joy as I knew he genuinely wanted to come and spend time with my beloved boy.
  2. A wonderful night out on Tuesday with my Mum,  Some lovely time alone: a meal and then we watched Wicked at the theatre in London.  It is fantastic, if you have not been I recommend it. The costumes and staging are amazing.
  3. I had a great phone call today with a lady from Thinking Slimmer and I am very pleased to start trialling this product in the next week or so.  I so need to get my weight in order and if anything can help my illogical mindset then I will be over the moon. Watch this space, I'll keep you updated.
  4. I am very much looking forward to a family day this Sunday in London with Disney at the Athenaeum Hotel.  You may recall I stayed there last year for work and just loved it.
  5. It is my little beauties birthday in just over a week and tomorrow I collect their bikes for them, they are having a party with just a couple of friends next Tuesday and then a family party the weekend after.  I think they will be thoroughly confused and not know when their birthday is at all!
    I could actually go on and on but I won't bore you.   You know what though?  I really do feel just that bit lighter and brighter for having gone through these great things.

    Over to you, what is making you cheery this week? If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful, then check out HERE and then link up a cheery post from the last week.

    Thanks for joining in, leave me some comment love. Visit others and leave them some comment love and don't forget to tweet. There was only 11 of us last week, we have become a select little group!