Wednesday 6 July 2011

Freaked out by a DHL Man!

Late last week I was happily chilling out while the kids were all at school, there I was enjoying 60 minute makeover (yes I know how to live!) when there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find a DHL man stood there with a  big box.  Nothing particularly strange in that, I receive a fair amount of parcels but when I looked at the box I started to freak.

'What is it?'  I ask him.  'You sure it is for me', 'It looks like a pet carrier', 'There is not an animal in there? Is there?'.  The poor chap could hardly get a word in as I bombarded him with these questions.

So I stand there dithering, not wanting to take the box off him and refusing to sign as I worry that some weirdo has got my address and sent me an animal.  What is it?  I do not want any animals? I try and peek in through the air holes and yes there appears to be straw in there. Just as I tell him he has to take it back, I won't accept it, he points out that the straw is poking out the bottom on his side and that it is iridescent pink.... oh OK, I don't think they use coloured straw for real animals.
My logic kicks in about the same time and I realise that if a pet is being sent the courier company would have to know about it.  There must be laws that cover this sort of thing and appropriate paperwork.

So I sign for the parcel and head to the kitchen where I very tentatively open the box, you know just in case a giant tarantula comes and jumps out at me!

I was safe though, no creepy crawlies and not even a mouse! I must say that when I saw what was in the box I laughed my socks off.  I am not sure if Jen the PR was being clever and purposely choose a pet carrier box or if it was the only box available but this is what greeted me.

A bottle of the new Persil and Comfort two in one small and mighty washing liquid! The product that I told Jen I did not really have time to blog about right now, but I would do a tweet or FB mention if I really liked it.  Well, I do really like it!  It is completely divine and now as a consequence my bedroom smells divine too.  The  perfume does seem to last a very long time and as I like it I do not mind that at all - it is so fresh.  I have done about 12 washes since I received it and I have hardly even made a dent in the bottle, so it does go a very long way too. Not much else I can say about washing liquid, it does the job well, makes the clothes soft, makes them smell fab and lasts a long time - it's an all rounder!

I also received a small plush bunny which is super soft, I suppose this may have been the purpose of the pet carrier box! I believe the actual logic of including this toy is that Persil have tested their new 2 in 1 product washing soft toys and in the tests the toys come out softer when continuously washed with Persil 2 in 1 with comfort than the current leading brand.

So there you go PR's that is a little insider knowledge.  If you want me to blog about something, you just have to make me laugh!  I so need a good chuckle every now and then.  Thank you Jen at GolinHarris - you did good!

Do I really need to put a disclaimer on this?  As declared I received a bottle of washing liquid and a cuddly toy.  I was not instructed what to write and I remain honest.