Saturday 23 July 2011

Just me and my Boy on the Space Trail at the Science Museum...

... well I say me and my boy, there was actually a few more people than that but no one else from our family.  I adore having one on one time with each of my children, that is when they get to shine and you can really delight in their growing personalities and experience all their quirks.  JJ and I have pretty much the same sense of humour, so we always have a good laugh together.

On Wednesday evening, a school night (yes, yes naughty mummy) JJ and I travelled into London, we offloaded the girls with Daddy and travelled on alone to the Science Museum.  We have been there quite a number of times before as JJ always enjoys it but this evening was for a very special treat.  After the Museum had closed about 20 of us were taken on a preview tour of the new Space Trail, that opens today, Saturday 23rd July 2011 ready for the summer holidays.

Each child received a flip camera to play with for the evening, to record their own journey around the museum.  To be honest I am not sure how much footage JJ filmed as he is such a hands on kid he wanted to be in there with the exhibits and touching everything.  I did manage to get a bit of footage though, so take a look and you can check out the Science Museums blog here. Which I believe will feature some of the kids footage soon.

At the start of the trail the children were given a small passport and this acted as our guide to help us move around the museum and see all the different 'Space' related areas.  In each area they had to collect a letter which when put together at the end made a word which enables them to get the exclusive Space sticker in their keepsake book.  JJ loved this part.  He also had one on his top and we got severely rained on and it washed away, whoops cue a big 7 year old with tears in his eyes!

I won't talk you though the whole trail, as to be honest that might steal some of the fun but suffice to say you get to go round the whole museum and many of the areas include hands on fun for the kids (and adults too if you wish, I embarrassed myself and screamed out loud by making the hydrogen tube pop!).  I commented to another Mum that the staff at the Museum really seem to love their job, they are so knowledgeable and completely used to being with lively kids - nothing seemed to phase them and they had big smiles on their faces the whole time.

JJ had a ball and he wants to return again this summer.  I expect that parts of the trail might be a bit studious for younger children, I know my just 4 year olds would not have understood some of it but I do know they would have loved the space and quirks of the museum building. Also the Garden area in the basement and the Launchpad are massive attractions for children of a younger age.

I would recommend a visit to the Science Museum very soon.  It is open daily 10am - 6pm with the last admission at 5.15pm and of course it is free - tell me where you can find better value than that?

Disclaimer - Our travel expenses were met to attend this special preview evening at the Science Museum, JJ was also given a goodie bag.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.