Friday 22 July 2011

Call Me A Bloggy Bad Parent? I Don't Think So!

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Today I read an article in a national newspaper that really rattled my cage!  I stumbled upon it from a tweet sent out by Bounty.  It is not the first article I have seen that slates parenting, or more specifically mummy bloggers but it is the first one I have seen that completely has its facts all screwed up!

I have no idea who this Jojo Moyes the author is, but her writing sucks. Under the photo she talks of 'Netsmums', who?  a bunch of fisherwomen?  She goes on to say that Netmums (yes the correct wording here) is the quieter version of its better known sister, Mumsnet.  Better known by who?  Mums like yourself?

Jojo seems to think that using forums and blogging go hand in hand and questions how we all have the time.  Sorry Jojo,  how is this article you have written any different to us spending time blogging?  OK, I can hear you now, it is your job, you are being paid for it.  Many bloggers are being paid too and if not, often we are writing at 9pm at night (like I am now)  once my kids are happily snoozing after their busy day. No, not sat watching TV all day but doing a wide range of activities, some with me and some independently.

Some of us are actually very good at time management and we manage to hold down jobs, keep clean houses, engage with our kids, volunteer and blog and that is because blogging for us is enjoyable.  I challenge you to read my blog or any of the hundreds of other good blogs that I regularly visit and find any judgemental posts that make people shudder and cry.  Do not get forums and blogging mixed up, they are very different ball games!  Just because your friend shudders at the thought of Mumsnet does not mean she would not like many of the superb mummy blogs that are out there.

Jojo,  what I really do not understand is who made you God and asked you to judge others?  Have you heard of live and let live?  Being a good and regular blogger does not make you a bad parent who neglects their child.  You really ought to think and research before you write, for you will alienate yourself from an awful lot of people with your aloof and pious attitude. I hope you are sleeping well tonight knowing that your article managed to do exactly what you accuse blogging and forums of doing.

So tell me readers, how often have I upset you with my posts?  and in fact, are there many blogs that have made you cry or feel inadequate.  I personally think that bloggers are pretty good at showing how imperfect we are as parents and making others feel better about their short comings!