Wednesday 25 May 2011

#TheGallery: My Backyard

I have been musing about whether I would join in with this Gallery or not.  What is a backyard for goodness sake?  It that a northern thing to say yard?  I don't have a yard, a garden yes but not a yard!  It sounds like a small patch of concrete that you might see on Coronation Street behind one of those terraced houses.  Am I showing myself up to be a southern snob now? Sorry about that...

Right now in our back garden we have started to grow some veggies and I am super proud of my hubbie and the kids as this is our first attempt and things seem to be going well. We have put in one raised bed to try out and if that goes OK we will get another couple.  I intended to buy some small veggie plants from the garden centre and plant those but hubbie had other ideas and bought some seed packets.  'Oh dear' thought I, this may not work but boy is he proving me wrong. He has been reading his allotment book and taking note!

So here we go with the seeds that they all planted in the windowsill greenhouse (fab little box with a lid!) sweetcorn and green dwarf beans. I did love watching these grow, I even saw the dirt start to move at one point as a bean sprout popped through!  Amazng...

Moved into the raised bed and starting to come up nicely!

and today we have carrots starting to come up too!  See those little bits that look like grass?

My favourite thing has to be the spuds though, they grow at an amazing rate and dh keeps putting more dirt on them and they keep peeking through! (Do you like my use of the old recycling boxes?)

So that is what the kids and dh have been up to in the garden, this is more what I do...

Want to see the whole garden? It is far from special but it is safe and has enough space that the kids have great fun on the trampoline, in the sandpit and the playhouse and that was our aim when we started to clear it up when we moved into the pit in 2002.

It has come a long way from the garden with an oversized rockery, concrete derelict area, tin shed, broken fencing and falling down walls!

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