Saturday 28 May 2011

Are you MAD about me?

I decided that really I need a weekend off, one where my mind is not constantly on the blog, one where I fully focus on every word the kids say, I actually spend some time with my hubby, I stop and enjoy the world around me....  I bet you know what I mean?  We all feel a bit burned out at times.  Things have been on a high and we keep going and going and then.....   a rest is needed! 

So I am being kind to myself and not coming back onto my blog until at least Monday night or maybe even beyond this, as I have a post scheduled to go live on Tuesday anyway.

While I am not here I thought I better leave you with some reading material. You might be wondering about who to vote for in the MADS (Mummy and Daddy Blog Awards) and I would not be doing myself any favours if I did not give you an idea as to why I am in the final 6 for the Best MAD Blog for Family Life.

Yep, did you catch that?  I am a finalist!  If you like what you read, then do feel free to vote for Mummy From The Heart...  in the Best MAD Blog for Family Life category HERE.

Onto the promised reading material....  this post is a kind of timeline of Mummy From The Heart... from 2008 - now!

I started this blog back in February 2008 on a whim.  I had 7-month-old twins and a 4-year-old.  Needless to say, a lack of time and energy meant that blogging went out of the window and I did not really start to blog again until March 2009 when I got well and truly stuck into blogging and found myself becoming quite addicted.  At this time most of my posts were about food and dieting as that was my primary focus then.  My blog was also closed back then and had about 5 readers.

Then in January 2010 I opened my blog for public viewing and did one of my signature posts I'm not just fat, I have a problem. I had not really thought this through and it was a shocker to find comments or lack of comments some days. Or that I had not been included in a blogging carnival.  It was all too raw for me, too quick! So after finding myself getting all upset I decided to give up blogging for Lent and I did take a full 40 days off!

I came back having had a fabulous holiday and shared the wonderful news that I was pregnant with my fourth child, sadly things were not to be and I was next posted about my awful miscarriage. I followed this up by remembering how blessed I already was with a post celebrating my twins. June 2010 was a month I got into my bloggy stride posting about my terrible swearing, how much I like blog rolls and the fact that I was Not SuperMich but a Good enough parent.

In July I decided to join the full-on parent blogging scene and I registered for the Tots, getting a ranking of 181, which I was super chuffed with. Around this time I had about 65 followers on google friends and I thought that was sooo many.  It makes me smile a lot now.  How times change. July was a great month when I wrote a very raw piece about overcoming my miscarriage and a fun piece about discussing sex with JJ.

The summer passed and September saw me revealing how I lost my smile, updating you all on JJ meeting the child psychologist and receiving a detention at age 6!

I continue to love blogging and receive good comments on my post about toddlers needing things like a DS,  facing up to the horrid fact that I was a bully in the past and my post about being a twin.

Not yummy, not scummy, just a mummy was the title of a popular post in December. In January I make a decision to stop moaning about others people's good luck when it comes to blogging and to just work hard at my blog and spread the blogger love.  You know what I had not realised till this moment, that my strategy worked.  I now sit at no 6 in the Wikio chart, no 31 in the TOTs and I am a finalist in the MADS.  As I said in that post, Hi I am Mich and I rock!!!  lmao

In January launched #R2BC  and in the first few weeks had so many people join in.  We practically got to 50 linked up!  Nowadays it is more likely to be about 15-20 but that is OK.  If even 1 person takes time to look on the sunny side of life then I am doing my bit!

As part of my new ethic to work hard and help other bloggers, I recommended a range of new bloggers in Jan and then held New Bloggers fortnight in Feb with a load of new bloggers guest posting for me.  Then later in February I was pretty shocked to find out that I was completely self-centred.  Then a day later admitted that I want to be a firework!

I enjoyed writing a post about 5 things I want my children to know and then a case of chickenpox lead me to think that the parenting grass is always greener.

I created the 1 word meme in March and it was amazing to watch this travel around. This post probably holds the most comments of any of my posts (with exceptions of giveaways) and what is best is that all these comments say 1 beautiful word to describe me.  I'll treasure this exercise forever.  Later in the month I reveal my Cybermumy sponsor and make a few people chuckle.

March sees me warning people to be careful about online persona's.  You never really know who you are chatting to, so just be careful.  Then later in the month, I come to a good place where i decided that I am beautiful.

7 things every new parent should know was a valuable post I enjoyed writing, then on a less serious note, I posted about the parenting lessons I felt my hubby still needed to learn and really that brings us bang up to date.

Last week I was overwhelmed by the response to my post I want to say goodbye and I also hosted my first @BritMums carnival, themed Imperfect Parenting and if you have made it through all those links then you are the one who deserved to win an award!  Don't let it be said that Mich had 3 days away from the blog and left you with little pickings!

Have an amazing long weekend, I certainly intend to!