Saturday 9 April 2011

The Secret is Out, I'm Not a Domestic Goddess!

You know what, that Jen at Mum in the Madhouse has gone and done it, she is making me reveal to you all that I am not the perfect parent and domestic goddess that I know you all thought I was!

I have been tagged in the Fridge of a Bad Parent Meme started by Sally of Who's the Mummy?

So go on, laugh at me, here are the contents of my fridge (and yes it is broken, no milk compartment any more *hangs head deeply in shame*).

Today Jen challenged me and a few other bloggers to reveal the contents of our fridges and look how sparse mine is!  Shall I start making the excuses now....  I have been at work most of the week, I am poorly (tonsillitis), we go on holiday next week so no point in stocking up. Shall I continue?

So what was in there?  Carrots, yellow pepper, brocolli, cucumber (notice I have started with the good  stuff!), water, 2 cartoons of juice, eggs, milk, cranberry sauce, redcurrent jelly, squirty cream, margarine, cheese of various types, frubes and a couple of yoghurts.  Not much of a stock, hey?  Pretty different to how it looks much of the time but I'm an honest kind of girl so I thought I would share my shame!

It got to tea time yesterday and after feeling rank all day I wondered what on earth I was going to feed the kids.  Nothing planned, nothing much in the freezer, no energy to go to the supermarket or even the chip shop.  Dh at work until 11pm.  So seeing as I am revealling my rubbish parenting skills I'll embarrass myself further and show you the dinner that my kids ate.  One of the most eclectic concoctions I have ever seen, but one I could put together in minutes while feeling like I should be in bed and actually (I'm quite proud to say) one that covers all the major food groups!  Whoop, Whoop

You know the funny thing - the kids loved this tea.  They all ate so much and really quickly. What did they enjoy?  Pasta, cucumber, carrots, butter beans (miss M's favourite), cheese, boiled eggs, sausage rolls and sweetcorn.  Bet you are all rubbing your tums right now, yum, yum!

I have not tagged anyone for this one as I think more people than not might cringe at this, so if you fancy being tagged, then go for it - you are it!  Let me know and I'll put a tag on here for you...

Back to amend, I am tagging Ella at Notes From Home because she tweeted that she needed a tag to motivate her to clean the fridge - so here is it, lovely lady!  Happy to oblige.

Lastly, just to say that I am hosting the BMB carnival on 24th May 2011 (see how organised I normally am)  and the theme of my carnival is Imperfect Parenting.  So dig out those post where you talk about how it all went tits up and email them to me on mummyfromtheheart (at) virginmedia (dot) com.  Think I'll enjoy putting this carnival together *rubs hands together while making an evil cackle*.

Cheers, Mich x