Friday 8 April 2011

Family Matters...

...well it does to me anyway.  I grew up in a close knit family where we were each others world and I am trying to recreate that for my kids too. Both my parents had challenging childhoods for one reason or another and this meant that they both chose to be super amazing parents to my brother and I.  We were and still are very lucky.  So I have a hard act to follow, but as with everything I am just trying my best.

You hear and read so much in the media nowadays about how traditional family values, such as eating meals together at the table, playing games together or involving the children with worthwhile activities have all but disappeared.  Not in this house they have not and listening to Vosene last Saturday, not in many families lives. Out of all the friends I have chatted with about family meals at the table, all but one seem to have at least a few family meals all together each week.  I have to say I wonder how kids eat on their laps?  Is it just that mine are still young and we will get all lapse as they get older?  I do hope not, I enjoy that time catching up with them after a busy day with no interruptions.

Like most people if you offer me some time to myself I will happily escape.  I am a very busy person and sometimes just need a bit of a break but after one or two full day I am normally itching to see my kids and to have some fun with them.  Going out and about with my family is what makes me happy.  A couple of weeks ago we went to Peppa Pig World and I mentioned this to lots of people, who mostly looked at me as if I am crazy. 'Great' said with a sarcastic tone was the usual reply I got but we had an amazing time, as joy for me nowadays is watching my three beautiful children have fun and be in their element. This is why, when the very nice people at Vosene (yes you know, the shampoo) asked me if my family wanted to attend a day together at London Zoo I said yes please!

During the few hours I spent with some of the Vosene staff and a load of other fab bloggers we got to spend good qaulity time with our own family.  Sadly dh was working so he could not join us but we had popped in to his work on the way and we travelled back from London with him, so it felt as if he was there!  The children made Mothers day cards, they decorated biscuits, played dress up, had their faces painted, hopped around on space hoppers, made pictures with hand prints and watched a superb magician.  As well as this being great fun it really showed me that Vosene do understand the concept of family and that they actually make an effort to know their customers.

Whilst I was there I learned that they have launched a new campaign called Vosene Family Matters and this is based around 6 core values, those being: sharing, belonging, time together, traditions, fun and trust.  A great set of values and ones which I would say are important to our family. Vosene undertook extensive research to bring this set of values together, talking to their own customers and also to parents in general.

The part that is probably interesting to you, is that they are running a superb competition from April until September with a different theme each month.  This month the theme is Sharing and what they ask you to do is provide them with an example from your family of sharing and perhaps provide a photo.  Then you ask friends and family to vote for you.  At the end of the month the top 10 entries are sent to Vosene's partner, the NSPCC and and they will choose that months winner.

Here is the super, super exciting bit - in October all the 6 winners of the monthly rounds will be in a grand final and the winner of that will take away a family holiday for 5 people (maximum of 3 adults) to any one of 3 magnificent locations: Walt Disney World, Orlando; Safari in the Masai Mara; or luxury family holiday at a resort in Kos.  How much would my kids give to go to Disney?  JJ keeps asking me when he will go there and I reply......  one day babe.......  maybe one day!

Looking at the Vosene site again and thinking about the concept of sharing I have decided that I will make an entry for our family. Well, there is a chance of me winning professional cakes for a year - what could be more perfect for a foodaholic? lol

So here is the photo that I will submit with our entry.  Any idea what the children are doing here?

They are making shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse to send to children for Christmas in less fortunate countries. This is a marvellous initiative that runs every year and we are proud to support it and share with our children, who in turn use a small part of their pocket money to share with others.

Miss E proudly shows off the box she made for another child

All the boxes that JJ's school managed to make

So if you like what you see and fancy voting for my family I'll let you know when our entry is live on the Vosene site and perhaps you might vote for us?  or you might submit your own entry?  Go on, it was very easy.

Vosene provided entry for myself and my 3 children to London Zoo, they also provided lunch, activities and some products for us to take away. I was not obligated to write this post but as I was so impressed with what I heard and saw I am happy to endorse their brand and this competition.  My words are my own and I remian honest.