Thursday 14 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 - Week 15

Welcome it's week 15!  My, how quick times flies when you are having fun!

Miss M with her precious handbag!

Lots to be grateful for as always....

  1. I am on holiday, by the time you read this I will be at Butlins in Skegness at the Christian festival Spring Harvest and I always have an amazing time here, as do all my family.  We get to spend lots of time together, worship God and be fully refreshed - where there is 3 reasons to be cheerful rolled into one (oh and burglars if you are thinking of raiding my house, don't bother my brother is there with his girliefriend doing some electrics for me!)
  2. Today I am feeling comfortable in my own skin. I am larger than I have been in a long time but I am looking in the mirror and liking the Mich that looks back at me, she has grown so much as a person over the last 10 years and no longer is she a harsh person who does not tolerate weakness in others. One day when I really do feel brave I will post about that Mich, she had some very big character defects.  I am praying I can hand my eating issues over to God at Spring Harvest and then not only will I like the Mich I see in the mirror, I will also like the body I see that houses her.
  3. Miss M has been listening to me. This is a biggie!  If you know my blond bombshell you will know that she is a very independent and willful young lady, whilst also being immensely funny and beautiful. We had a grown up chat about 5 days ago about how she does not like me to shout at her and I explained that I only shout when she does not listen and respond to my requests.  It is not perfect, but we have made massive progress.....  long may it continue!
  4. I have been nominated in 3 categories for the Mummy & Daddy Blogger Awards (MADS) and this is making my day.  I know blogging is not that important in the big scheme of things but for me my blog is my Church and it is where I get to share myself and do a little bit of good.  If you fancy nominating me too, then hop over to my MADS post and have a read...  Cheers x
So share with us all your reasons?  What is making you have a smile from ear to ear this week?

As I am on holiday and am trying to remain offline - Can I please ask you all to try extra hard to comment on each others posts and to retweet.  I know that some of you are amazing and read & comment on every post and I thank you very dearly. Yes, Kate this is you I am referring to!

..and before you go, I must remember to point you over to Maxabella's I'm Grateful for... link up.  Join up your reasons post there and make some new Aussie friends. It is live on our Friday.

Of course Jen's Blog gems is still open too. Link up every other Sunday and air your archives.