Tuesday 5 April 2011

Musical Embarassement

I am laying myself bare here, more open that I have done for a long time! Today is one of those days when I say 'Hi my name is Michelle and I have crap taste in music!'.

The superb Kate at Kate Take 5 has a regular listography linky that she runs and I always have good intentions to join in but it never quite happens, but this week I am getting organised and playing along.  The challenge set is to reveal the first 5 albums I ever owned.

I have to say that my memory is fading a bit with age so I could not swear to you that the 5 I list were my first 5 but they are certainly ones that I owned as a young teenager on vinyl (of course, what else did you have when you were a child of the early 80's?)

1. Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants.  1981 and I would have been just 8 years old. I thought he was so cool and handsome with his make up stripes on his cheek.  I can recall doing the dance with my school friends on the field! .....'don't you ever, don't you ever....'.

2. Now that is what I call Music!  The original album. 1982. It is still in my parents loft and I often wonder to myself if it is worth anything! What classics were featured on here, I loved to boogie to Men at Work 'Down Under', KC and the Sunshine Band 'Give It Up' and Rock Steady Crew 'Hey, you the rock steady crew'. Ohh I loved a bit of cheese even very early on...

3. Cliff Richards, Daddys Home - 1981. This wasn't an album but my Dad bought me the single or at least that is my recollection of the events.  It is hard to think back 30 years you know!  This was 7" single and is the song that most makes me think of my Dad, along with another old Cliff favourite - Living Doll.  Do I like Cliff now? errr no sorry but it will always hold a special place in my heart for this reason.

4. Wham, Fantastic. 1983.  This has to be one album that I am not ashamed to have owned.  To have grown up at the time of Wham and Duran Duran was a massive privilege as far as I am concerned.  Who could not love the campness of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley. I had all the little pin badges - Choose life!, Relax, Go Go, etc.

5. and whilst Wham were great fun, it has to be said that I was a Duranie, they were my preference.  You could have given me Simon LeBon over the Wham boys any day.  Maybe I knew about George even then? So my last album of the big 5 was Arena by Duran, Duran, 1984 and I was the ripe old age of 11 years.  Just getting ready to start secondary school.
I will leave you to have a listen to this complete classic!  Enjoy...