Monday 1 November 2010

No Idea....But Need to Let It Out...

So here is the crap that I need to get off my chest and out of my head. If I put it down here then I do not have to ponder on it anymore...

  • I feel poop tonight, I think I have a cold coming and that is making me feel sorry for myself.
  • The baby I lost would of been due in 18 days. I thought I was fine about this but it keeps popping into my mind.
  • I can not seem to gain any long term abstinence at the moment. I wake up motivated and plan a good days food and then just give in too easily. I then feel guilty about that.
  • I am very fat at the moment, I am back to 16st 9lb. I was down to 15st 2lb last December!
  • I need to exercise but can not find the motivation to keep with it.
  • My skin around my nails is as bitten as can be - not sure if this is stress, worry, anxiety or what?
  • I am tired and I am going to bed in a moment. I have no desire to do anything but sleep tonight -I felt burnt out.
  • I have been shouting at my kids too much, I need to gain some patience. I hate being on a short fuse with them.
  • I felt completely disconnected at Church last night. I think sin is getting in the way of my relationship with God right now.
  • I think I need a few days away from my blog. Just time to be and relax and be with my family.
Thanks to all who read my blog and support me. I expect to be back recharged very soon.
Mich x