Sunday 31 October 2010

My Favourite Day Of The Week.... Sunday

What is your favourite day of the week? Do you even have one?

I have heard people say many different things before - Friday, as it is classically the last day of the working week, Wednesday as the bulk of the working week is then over, Saturday as it is a day to shop and relax or just no getting up for the school run in the morning.

Well my favourite day of the week by far is Sunday. That is my sabbath, my chill day. The day my family gets to be together and we go to Church and do you know what? I love it, it is not a chore at all. It is something I look forward to each week. Often I will go twice in one day and that is not from necessity either - it is pure desire on my part.

Here is a few pics of my family at Church - do we look bored?

We have been going to this Church for just over 2 years now and it is fab. I never imagined I would got to such a vibrant Spirit-led Church. If you ever fancy coming with me to see what it is all about - just ask!

Sunday is also the time, when all my family are together and we can go out and enjoy each others company - here are the kids at a garden centre, pretending they are at Santa's door! Can you tell which ones the show offs are??

Today, Miss E and I spent about an hour together, alone and she revealed in it! We have done it many times before and every time she gets excited and tells me that it is special, just for me and her 'cos we is best friends Mummy'. So here is a picture of Miss E and her best friend in the whole wide world - yes folks - that's me! How beautiful is that?

Lastly a couple of snippets from the mouth of JJ this week. He really is turning out to be a funny little soul.
Me - Daddy is going to do some painting on Wednesday babe, you can help him if you like. You can be his apprentice.
JJ - What's an apprentice Mummy?
Me - Someone learning a new skill from a master or a trainee.
JJ - No Mummy, I must be the master and Daddy can learn from me, because you told me he is Mr X and I am Master X.
Well I suppose he is right, there was no answer to that!!
and I leave you with this classic -
JJ - Daddy, was Camden (as in London) named after David Camden?? (Current PM).

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Enjoy your week, Mich x