Thursday 24 June 2010

The Simple Things...

It was JJ's sports day at school today and I was not particularly looking forward to this - think two 2 year olds crossing the spectator line and running across the course and tripping up some of the competing kids! this was the little vision I had in my mind but I really should have trusted God more and been a bit more chilled out as my girlies behaved just lovely and flirted with all the daddies there.

Then to top it off JJ went and won his first race. Neither he nor I would have expected this. He has always been far taller than his peers and much more like Mr Bean or Phoebe from Friends when he runs so we sort of expect him to come near to last (but of course we do not say this). So now I am in that wonderful place of having my heart swelled so much that it may just burst. I am so so happy for him, it has made my day. Isn't it funny how something so small means so much when you are a Mummy. You could give me a £1000 and I would not be happier than I am right now.

So come on share with me, what makes you a proud Mummy? Seeing as I am in this lovely sunny mood help me keep it alive. I used to moderate a twins chat forum and I was known there for my feel good posts, so why not bring it across here to.

I look forward to hearing about the simple things that make your day.

and lastly, here is my little man running along - he is the tallest one!