Tuesday 22 June 2010

Blog Rolls - Love Them or Loathe Them?

Boy has my world changed in the last few months! My thinking space used to be taken up with kids, food, God and a few other things and do you know what the number 1 filler is nowadays? Probably blogging. I go to sleep thinking about posts I will write or some I have read and what I want to do to change my blog if only I had the time, money, energy, inclination etc etc (insert your own excuse here).

So one of the things I keep pondering over is my blog roll. I set this up about 6 months ago when I first started publicly blogging and now I keep thinking that I must update it. I have a personal hate of blog rolls that have loads of blogs on them that have not posted for yonks (don't you just love that word? lol I have not used it for ages!)

Anyway what I wanted to know was how you manage your blog roll. Is it something you did once and have forgotten? Do you have a regular maintenance plan to keep things up to date and tidy? If another blogger pisses you off and never appears to visit your blog/ comment etc do you take them off?

Brenda over at MummyTime is a real advocate of marketing and promoting other peoples blogs. I think she says something along the lines of promote them 7 times more than your own. Her logic being that all that positivity will pay dividends for you in the end and I do like this philosophy ( I hope I have got that right Brenda, lol) but what about you, what are your thoughts? Come on share them with me.