Saturday 1 May 2010

Thank you for my awards

Thank you to Beth at My Good Life for tagging me for the above two awards and thanks to Purple Ramblings for tagging me for the one below. I am a lucky girl!

Right lets get this blog back up to a happy place. I am still not quite right physically but when have I ever let that keep me down! A while back a couple of fab newish bloggers tagged me for meme's and awards and I have been too tied up in myself to get on with it and follow the rules. So here I am being a good girl.

The rules for accepting the awards passed to me by Beth are -
  1. List 7 things about me!
  2. Pass onto 15 of my favourite bloggers.
and the rules for the one passed to me by purple ramblings seem very similar - but I have to reveal 7 things that I have not told people before.
So I am going to cheat and just reveal 7 things about me and hope that covers both awards (sorry if that is a cop out!).

Gosh, this feels really hard, I am so darn open and honest that I think I might possibly have told you everything there is to know about me! and for those of you reading this who know me in real life - sorry I know you already know!

Fact 1
I met dh when I was 21, we were both trainee managers for the same hotel company. I was sent to Eastbourne to work at his hotel for the Christmas period and I thought I had been banished to the worst place on earth, little did I know I would fall in love...

Fact 2
I can not stand the feel of wood in my mouth. It turns my stomach, this is a funny little phobia I have but it stops me eating those little ice cream tubs and some lollies.

Fact 3
I became a Christian when I was 28. Dh and I wanted to get married and the local Vicar at the church dh wanted to get married insisted we attend an Alpha course. I thought it would be so awful with little old ladies quoting scripture at me. Little did I know it would change mine and Dh's lives for the better.

Fact 4
I want to work for God. I have this desire to do some work which is really worthwhile and will actually visibly help people. I have always had this inkling that at some point dh and I will run a Christian retreat or conference centre and we will all live on site and this will be a fab way for our kids to grow up.

Fact 5
I have changed so much in the last few years. I looked back last week at a notebook from 2004 and in it I had written my goals for the future, I was reading a life coaching book on holiday. The goals were all about shallow things, like a 4 bed house with a u shape drive, 2 posh cars, being slim and sexy so I could turn heads (Gosh am I embarrassed that I wrote that!), having great sex always, having a fab wardrobe etc etc and nothing about my spiritual life. If you asked me nowadays for the most important goal for the future it would be to be a secure and happy family serving Christ wherever was appropriate. Now do not get me wrong this would not be easy to do as I am still sinfully shallow and love possessions but I am getting better and growing!

Fact 6
I really want to learn to Salsa with dh. This is just hilarious as dh and I are both big hippos but we are up for a bit of fun! We had put this on hold due to the pregnancy but now we can look into this again. I think this time spent together each week will keep us solid together. The marriage course was wonderful for starting that and then to be honest being PG had us more separate than together as I was so tired.

Fact 7
Not very revealing about me but I am excited about it none the less. I am having my garage converted into a proper room and this will give us another large reception room. Once I can pile all the toys and PC into and throw the kids in there to make a mess, leaving my front room nice and tidy for me to enjoy! yay The financing is now sorted and we need to get the gate in the back garden, the shed built and everything out of the garage and then late summer the new room will happen.

As for tagging people I think I am so late in the day with these awards that I will just say, If you have not done the meme or been awarded the award please feel free to help yourself and have a go!