Friday 26 June 2009

Grace in small things for today

I have not shared any of my joys recently and I am always so conscious that this blog can become a depressing place - so a quick post before lunch.

1. Jacob had a great sports day this week and really enjoyed himself
2. My E looks so cute with her bunches, she makes my heart melt just looking at her
3. Hearing my girls call each other by name and watching them play together
4. Loving the fact that God is gracious and forgives all my flaws and imperfections
5. A superb holiday at Butlins last week
6. Enjoying the training course that I co-facilitated this week at work
7. Having the best parents, who are so loving and giving
8. M being my little minx, who is so expressive and hilarious
9. Going to see some good friends later
10. Dh not having to work late tonight
11. A lovely lunch with 2 of the girls God parents yesterday

Think that will do, I have so much to be thankful for. xx