Thursday 19 March 2009

Mum - A change of perception!

Ever been sooo bored with the word Mummmmm, always said in a drone. Those of you with young kids probably do not have this yet, but let me assure you it will come.

All I hear from JJ is Mummmmm in that drooney voice, which he assures me is not a whine. Sometimes I just want to shout no, I have changed my name and in fact I believe in my darkest moments I have actually told him that before. 'No more Mum, I need a rest!'

Well today I decided it was me that needs to change not him. He calls me so much as he adores me (not me being big headed, he often tells me I am the best!) and I should be very thankful for that. Just imagine how awful my life would be without my three little people shouting Mum at me.

So from now onwards when I hear Mum, I will actually think 'I love you' and not get het up that I am needed yet again. Afterall. that is what us Mums are for: to be needed.