Wednesday 14 February 2024

10 Gift Ideas for the Elderly to Make Them Feel Better

Image Credit: Unsplash

{This is a collaborative post}

Looking for a present for an elderly family member or friend? You are at the correct place! Consider giving them a gift that you've chosen especially for their likes or hobbies, that makes them feel at ease at home or on the go, rather than just a beautiful box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. This list includes 10 gift ideas for seniors to make their life simpler. 

1.  Walking stick with a seat

A seat walking stick might be a kind present for an elderly friend or family member who enjoys walking and getting out and about. The walking stick and seat allow people to move freely inside and outdoors without the need for a large and cumbersome seat. With this, they have the ability to just grab the seat and go. When choosing a seat walking stick, ensure it satisfies your safety and simplicity of use criteria.

2. Beautiful Warm Blanket

Curling up beneath a cosy blanket is the perfect way to stay warm when the weather gets cooler. Heated blankets provide various heat settings to relax muscles, relieve aches and pains, improve circulation, and keep loved ones warm throughout the winter season. There are several types of different blankets available, including electric blankets, throws, under blankets, and easy-washable blankets.

3.  E-reader

Consider gifting an e-reader to an old friend or family member who enjoys reading. They may read as many books as they desire without crowding the home. Reading helps to reduce stress and anxiety by keeping your mind active and being able to increase the text size and change the light level on an e-reader.

4.  Sad Lamp

Winter's brief days may bring feelings of sadness or despondency. Sitting in front of a SAD light for just 30 minutes every day can improve our health. If a senior friend or family member struggles with shorter days, a SAD lamp may be beneficial and isn't too expensive. 

5.  Indoor Plants

Indoor plants may be a kind and unexpected present for an elderly friend or family member to lift their spirits. Trees have been shown to improve both physical and social well-being. They improve our mood and reduce stress levels overall. There are several hardy indoor plants to pick from.

Easy-to-maintain plants include Swiss cheese, snake, spider plants, and devil's ivy. Others, such as peace lilies, calatheas, and zebra plants, need more care but are beautiful. 

6.  Mattress topper

A good night's sleep is crucial for wellness. A mattress topper might be an appropriate present for a friend or family member looking to improve their sleep quality, the ones with a memory foam layer can be very supportive if the person has any ailments. Mattress toppers provide additional support and regulate body temperature without the high cost of a new mattress.

7.  Get a package of tea or coffee

If they like tea or coffee, they will adore receiving a monthly subscription package. Subscription boxes allow friends and family to experience teas from all over the globe in the comfort of their own homes. Monthly prices vary from £6 to £20, and isn't it nice to give a gift that lasts more than just a short time. A subscription gift keeps giving all year long. 

8.  Slippers that don't slide

Everyone enjoys having warm feet in the winter, so slippers are an excellent present. Slippers that don't slide are essential for elderly adults. The slip-resistant soles and plush inside provide safety and comfort for the elderly, whilst also being a sensible and practical buy.

9.  Dressing gown

This year, offer the gift of upscale comfort in the form of a dressing robe. Dressing gowns may provide both comfort and luxury, depending on the design. They are available in many fabrics and designs, including fleece, satin, cotton, kimono, flannel, and microfibre. Personally, I love a dressing gown with pockets as this is so practical. 

10.  Good quality bedding

Purchase high-quality bedding for your elderly loved one to ensure a restful and luxurious sleep. Before purchasing bedding, inquire about their allergy needs and preferred pillow type depending on their sleeping habits. Those who sleep on their side often prefer softer pillows compared to those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.


Whether you select a seat walking stick, a nice dressing gown, or a tea subscription, the elderly person in your life will surely appreciate the present. What's better than giving someone a present that makes them feel good for a long time?