Wednesday 5 April 2023

Dental Issues To Look Out For In Your Kids

Image Credit: Pexels

{This is a collaborative post}

As a parent, you’re largely responsible for the health of your kids' teeth. Certain dental issues could be important to look out for and treat in order to preserve your child’s teeth into adulthood. Below are just some of the biggest dental issues to look out for in your kids. 


As kids’ adult teeth come through, they can often come through at odd angles. This can lead to areas of the mouth getting overcrowded. Such overcrowding can make brushing teeth harder, which can then increase the risk of other dental problems.

It could be worth looking into braces for your child to help realign the teeth. Metal braces are commonly recommended for kids with seriously misaligned teeth, however, your child may also be eligible for clear braces. In both cases, a mold of your child’s mouth will need to be taken so that braces can be precisely constructed to fit your child’s mouth. Braces are not cheap, although clear braces are usually more affordable. There are various different price plans that you can look into. 

Tartar build-up

If your child isn’t brushing their teeth properly, it could result in build-ups of plaque forming. These build-ups of plaque are known as tartar - on top of not looking nice, they can lead to decay if not treated.

You cannot remove tartar with a toothbrush in most cases. Instead, you are better off taking your child to a dentist so that a dental hygienist can professionally clean them. Tartar build-up can be avoided by making sure that your kids are brushing their teeth regularly and thoroughly. 


Many kids experience tooth decay. This is often the result of poor brushing combined with eating too much sugary snacks. That said, some people simply have teeth that are more prone to cavities.

If your child has started experiencing tooth decay, it could be worth getting them to see a dentist as soon as you can. A dentist will be able to clean away the decay and place a filling in the tooth to prevent further decay. If teeth are seriously decayed, they may need to be completely removed and possibly replaced with implants. Children typically do not have to pay for fillings and implants with a NHS dentist.


If your child is complaining that their tooth hurts, it’s worth taking them to a dentist as soon as you can. A toothache is often a sign of an infection - which could spread if not treated.

If caught early enough, most infections can be easily treated with a prescription of antibiotics. However, long-term infections may require other forms of treatment such as root canal treatment or tooth removal. A dentist will be able to numb your child’s teeth so that they do not feel anything if a dental procedure is required.  You should never ignore seeing a dentist, even if your child claims that the pain seems to have gone away (sometimes when a toothache goes away on its own it’s because the nerve has been killed off by the infection - and therefore the infection still needs to be treated).