Monday 27 June 2022

5 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Greenhouse from Halls


Image Credit: Halls Greenhouses

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Are you green-fingered? Can you often be found outside chatting to your plants or sowing some flower seeds? I have to admit that nowadays I don't do any gardening and this is because I get to live in a magnificent 220-acre estate with a garden team to look after the grounds. And this may sound idyllic and of course, it is - the kids have three lakes to swim in, we have the most amazing formal and higgledy flower beds and there's a 2-acre kitchen garden full of amazing produce, but I do miss my own space.

I often find myself daydreaming of having a private garden again, so I can go out and tinker and feel the satisfaction of growing my own vegetables. The first home that my husband and I bought was a tiny one-bedroom house with a galleried second floor but it came with a super 180-foot south-facing garden and we inherited a fabulous Halls lean-to greenhouse. This was my first taste of the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food to eat and seeding flowers too. 

Before owning a greenhouse, I just thought they were for people like my grandad, who was a real gardening enthusiast but soon after I realised they are great for everyone as they come with many benefits so it is definitely worth looking for a greenhouse for sale near me

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should invest in a greenhouse from Halls -

1)  You can grow all year round

We all know how rubbish the British weather can be at times and it is super frustrating when it looks like Spring is here and you plant out and then a harsh frost reappears from nowhere. Well, with a greenhouse, you can start growing and keep your plants in there until you are very sure the climate is right for moving them outdoors. 

This, of course, means you can have veggies in the winter that you wouldn't normally as delicates like salad leaves can't bear the rain and wind outside in a British winter. And I'm a big fan of extending the strawberry season as long as I can too!

2) They look great and there are so many options

I've got my eye on the Halls Supreme, which is the greenhouse pictured at the top of this post. It reminds me of the glasshouses in Kew Gardens and I think I'd feel super posh with one of those in my garden, but if you only have a small space this doesn't mean you have to miss out. Halls Greenhouses have a great selection from a 2ft x 4ft wall garden right through to a full 138 sq foot garden room. 

The choice doesn't stop with the size either, as you can choose from a silver, green or even black frame on different models. Go for regular horticultural glass, or maybe toughened glass or avoid the glass altogether and opt for polycarbonate. And you can choose to buy a base with the greenhouse as well to raise the greenhouse itself by about 12cm to ensure that the doors open smoothly without the need for constructing a timber or brick base.

Image Credit: Halls Greenhouses

3)  Halls are a trusted name in the greenhouse market

Halls are part of the Juliana group and one of the oldest and most trusted names in the greenhouse market in the UK. They were established in 1934 and have been going for nearly 90 years. That is some kind of pedigree!

I do love to buy British and with Halls, you buy direct from them, the manufacturer, which is based in Gloucestershire. Halls greenhouses are so sure of the quality of their products that they give you a 12-year guarantee and with that comes peace of mind, which you can't underestimate. If you want to find out more about Halls take a look at their website. 

4)  Grow a wider selection of produce and plants

Whatever it is that you want to grow, your greenhouse can make it a lot more manageable. If you particularly like peppers, chillis, tomatoes, grapes, kiwis, cucumbers and bananas then a greenhouse is for you, as you can create your own microclimate that they can thrive in. No wind or rain allowed!

If you don't want to grow food then a greenhouse can be particularly useful if you have a love of tropical or exotic plants that don't normally thrive in our British climate.

5) It gets you outside in all weather

Most people are fair-weather gardeners and as soon as the heavens open or the snow comes they stay away from their garden. The beauty of a greenhouse is that you can still get outside, breath in the fresh air and enjoy tending your plants. It's especially useful if you suffer from S.A.D. - Seasonable affective disorder, where you need the sun and the natural light to boost your serotonin and stave off your low mood. 

All of us can benefit from fresh air, healthy home-grown veggies and the vitamin D from the sunlight to help keep our immune systems healthy all year round.

I hope you agree that a greenhouse is a great investment and one you won't regret as you enjoy the fruits of your labour out of season. 

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