Tuesday 4 August 2020

Staying Safe on Holiday in Columbus, Ohio

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Going on holiday with young children can be incredibly daunting. While you are familiar with your local area, going out of your own county/ state or even to a different country can pose new challenges. You may not be certain on the laws of your destination, or about how to navigate your way around with children.

There are also a number of reasons which may cause illness or injury on holiday. Even something as simple as the tap water at your residence, the meals you consume, or bites from insects local to the region can cause illness, injury, or distress. If something does go awry, you may find it beneficial to speak to a personal injury lawyer (based in or around Columbus).

There are also a number of ways in which you can reduce your chances of issues arising whilst you're away, read on to find out...

Plan Ahead in Case Children Get Lost 

Even younger children may be able to understand some basic instructions regarding what to do if they get lost. Instructing them to speak to a Columbus police officer, or shop employee can be a good way of them getting help. Giving them information such as your full name, as opposed to “my mommy” and we're you're staying will also help officials find and reunite you.

Alternatively, you could also look into means of tracking your child via GPS. Whether you use a watch or stick-on device, knowing that your child’s location will always be a click of a button away can give you some peace of mind.

A trip anywhere can pose dangers if you do not consider all aspects beforehand. By planning ahead, and ensuring everyone knows what to do in the event of separation, you will be arming your family with the tools they need to navigate common dangers they may face in life, not just on holiday.
Photo by Blake Guidry on Unsplash

Road Safety 

According to a survey, Ohio traffic laws are not as good as in other states. For example, it is not a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle. Even so, it is imperative for both you and your family’s safety that you still do so, as this can help to prevent serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

It is also important that you use common safety knowledge as a pedestrian too, such as only crossing at designated crosswalks, the same as you would at home, to instil good life lessons on your children.

Avoid the East 

While it may be unlikely that you’d be a victim of crime, you may prefer to keep your family on the west side of the city. Statistics show that crime across the board is a lot higher on the east side than that of the west. The rate there is almost 1000 more per 100,000 people than the rest of Columbus, and nearly double that of Ohio as a whole, or even nationwide.

Particularly if you have children with you, you might want to opt for a safer locale where you are less likely to become a victim of crime. This could be an especially frightening experience when you are somewhere you do not know.

Don't be put off though, Columbus is a great place to travel to with children and you're sure to have fun there. Do make sure you visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, as well as Zoombezi Bay outdoor water park.

Have a great time!