Friday 12 June 2020

Reasons to be Cheerful - Dentists, Walking and Embroidery

Where does the time go friends? How did it end up being Friday evening already? I remembered yesterday morning that it was Thursday and I should write a reasons to be cheerful post but then time has escaped me. I do find that the kids being home totally sucks my time away, but I'm trying to remind myself not to moan about that as they won't be around and be of an age where they want to be with me forever!

Despite the miserable weather June has been a good month so far and we've been making sure we have some family time together out and about. Here are just a few of the things that have been making me grateful -

*    I've been taking part in some FitBit challenges to help me move more and they have been fun.

*    I've been taking lots of walks around my home and some of the grass is being let go to meadow, it is so pretty!

*    Miss E and I have both enjoyed taking up a new craft project each, I am trying embroidery and she is doing chunky cross stitch.

*    My hubby and I took another super-long walk along Bexhill seafront the other night and chatted away. So much better than just watching TV in the evening.

*    We headed over to a local National Trust site - Standen House last week, to get out and again get some exercise. It is a theme for me right now! lol

*    Miss E has been a delight to spend time with and she is such fun!

*    Despite these being very hard times, my hubby is content at work right now, as he is challenged and engaged in all sorts of new projects and this is so good for him,

*    JJ is volunteering four days a week now, working a few hours in the grounds of our home and also in the kitchen. I'm much happier that he is learning some new skills during his very long period between school and college.

*    My crown fell out about 6 weeks ago and at last this week I was able to go and get it cemented back on at the dentists. Yay, I feel normal again!

*    I've been loving a couple of new Netflix series just recently - Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias and now I am keen for them to make the new seasons. Until then I am trying to get into This is Us, but I'm not loving it so far, unlike most people I know.

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