Tuesday 21 January 2020

What to Wear When You Work From Home (Aside From Pyjamas)

Photo by AllGo  on Unsplash

{This is a collaborative post}

Now, more than ever, many people are working from home or via a remote location, which has sparked many discussions on workplace productivity, diversity and mental health. But where is the discussion about how working from home affects workplace fashion? Well, we are about to have it right here.

The number of people telecommuting or working remotely has grown by 159 per cent over the last 12 years, according to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics. This has provided both employees and employers with more flexibility in all aspects of business, and it has virtually eliminated workplace dress codes.

If you work from home, it may be easy to stay in your pyjamas all day, not brush your teeth until 5 p.m. or work from the comfort of your own bed. And statistically, while those who work remotely are more productive than their counterparts who work in an office, all of those factors above could lead to a loss in productivity, creativity and motivation while on the job. Working from home should be, first of all, comfortable for you in all aspects and if you are looking for remote opportunities in London, then you are in luck as there are plenty of opportunities available. 

If you’re looking to revamp or improve your work from home wardrobe, consider this style advice and these hacks that will have you looking fabulous while feeling comfortable.

Tops Perfect for Remote Workers
If you work from home, you could stay in your favourite oversized t-shirt all day. But what happens when you have to video conference in or run to a quick meeting at a local coffee shop? That t-shirt isn’t going to cut it. Think about bold plus size blouses that will have you feeling motivated and on your A-game.
      Flowy TopsOf course, no one wants to be wearing a blazer while they work from home because that’s just simply not comfortable. But when you opt for a flowy blouse with unique embellishments, you’re pairing comfort with style, which should make you feel great about your remote look.
      Opt for BlackBlack will always be a sharp colour that can make even the most comfortable clothing look like it belongs in an office. Whether you choose a blouse made out of a soft, stretchy jersey material or a more structured blouse, if it’s black, you will feel put together and chic.
      PrintapaloozaIf you still need a “pick me up” after your first cup of coffee in the morning, throw a blouse on that has a bold pattern or vibrant colour to wake you up. According to colour theory, warmer bright colours can positively impact your mood, and if you’re feeling confident and happy, you are more likely to be more productive.

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

A Cosy Professional
Being at home in your own environment may make you feel the urge to wrap yourself up in blankets and cosy robes, which probably aren’t the most work appropriate. However, you can have a professional style with plus size wraps and shawls that also keep you cosy if you work from home.
      Cardi LoveA soft, buttery cardigan that packs the punch with bold patterns is all you need to have a cute and cosy look that works for your home office. While you’ll be feeling comfortable all day, you’ll also feel put together during work hours!
      Shawl Till You FallThere is something about layering basics like a long sleeve shirt or tank top with a cosy, luxe shawl that makes one feel like they are dressed up—even though they are just wrapped in a fashionably-acceptable blanket. Opt for a shawl before you snuggle up with your comforter. You’ll be less tempted to catch a nap and more inclined to work!
      Vests Are UnderratedIf you’re someone who likes to work plus size vests into their wardrobe, throw one into your work wardrobe. Not only do they enhance an outfit, but vests are also a great way to keep warm without slipping into an old hoodie.

Leggings All Day
Leggings are sweatpants disguised as acceptable pants for work. Need I say more? Next time you want to stay in your sweatpants, convince yourself to throw on some leggings to make it feel like you’re not bumming it.
      A Legging for Every OccasionAs you know, leggings have become a staple in the American wardrobe, which is why leggings come in every colour, pattern, fit and material. Depending on how you’re feeling, chances are that there are leggings out there that will vibe with you. A less obvious legging choice for those who work from home is  the faux leather leggings. This material can make you feel super polished and sexy. So if you are feeling like meh, slide on these leggings for a confidence boost. With confidence comes productivity!

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Jeans for Lounging
Jeans may be off the table for those who work from home. Who wants to wear jeans if they don’t have to? ...Don’t worry, we’ll wait. However, some may like the structure and feeling of being put together that often comes with wearing jeans. If you haven’t heard of or tried jeggings yet, we will try not to judge you, but these are the greatest invention ever. Plus size jeggings are the most comfortable fusion of jeans and leggings, and they are perfect for those who work from home.

Working Out or Working From Home?
The athleisuretrend is at its peak right now with no signs of slowing down. This begs the question: Is wearing athletic clothing outside of the gym stylish? What if athleisure-based looks are also your work attire? No problems here! Some who work from home start their day at the gym and stay in their activewear. But if you are feeling bummy in your activewear looks, bump the look up a few style points by throwing on a plus size edgy moto jacket. Not only will this refine your gym look, but it will also give the whole look a cool vibe.

If you work from home, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility on what you can wear. So our best piece of advice is to have fun with it!