Sunday 29 September 2019

Thank you Lord for this new Day #R2BC

I've been reflecting this weekend on how lucky we are to every new day in front of us. Each is a privilege that we need to make the most of. That doesn't mean we have to be super busy or doing loads, it just means we should be fulfilling our calling, whatever it is we believe we are on this earth to do.

I have to be honest I am still not clear on what my ultimate calling is, I know this season right now is about parenting my three children, supporting my husband and serving the community I live within. I also still wonder if there is something bigger than this that I should be doing, but that could just be me and my pride, assuming there was due to be more to my life than being a helper.

Sadly, I'm very task-driven, I love to tick things off the to-do list and I get such a sense of satisfaction when things are running smoothly and everything is on track. I know that I am far more concerned with things and tasks than I am with people and relationships. I also know that people are far more important, so my priorities are out of balance, but all I can do is try to change things, to shift the balance a little.

God made me with the skills and talents I have, so I am obviously supposed to be an organised, efficient kind of woman who gets things done, but it is my job to maintain balance and to focus on His desires for all His children. That they are loving and full of grace for all people.

I've had a fabulous weekend and I am very thankful for it. There hasn't been anything big and glamorous going on, but it has been great.


  • I started the day with a cooked breakfast and a couple of episodes of Chicago Med
  • I had a great hour in the Prayer Centre soaking and reading
  • Lunch with some lovely ladies and a very good chat
  • I got a couple of (long-overdue) cupboards sorted out
  • A few hours of work and many things ticked off
  • Yummy homemade chilli nachos for tea with all the family
  • Casualty on TV

  • A great service at church, with a pertinent message about belonging
  • Roast beef cooked for me
  • I got the weeks ironing out of the way
  • Fun rehearsal for the panto I am taking part in, in November
  • Off to see Jo Brand at the theatre in a few minutes and then a chicken kebab on the way home
Simple stuff, but it all makes for a happy and content Mich!

I hope you've had a great weekend too. Mich x

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