Thursday 7 March 2019

I love My Bed: It's the Heart of Our Home

Our current bedroom

We love to sleep in this house and I am so grateful that I now have children who can (and will) sleep the night through, and even better they lie in sometimes too. It's taken a while to get here but the value of a really good bed contributing to a great nights sleep can't be underestimated.

In those early days when I was trying to feed baby twins in the middle of the night and deal with a toddler having night terrors or maybe a little accident, I wasn't getting much sleep and therefore the small amount I did, really had to count.

I've always been an advocate of investing in a super comfortable bed and great bedding, and our fabric bed is a really good example. I choose to view buying a bed as an investment that is going to last us around ten years and as such I don't mind spending a good amount of money on it.

I think I've passed my love of my bed on to all my kids though, and this isn't necessarily a good thing as they are always on it, or in it! It really has become the heart of our home. I was thinking back to how it became this way and to my horror, I realised I created it. When JJ was a pre-schooler I used to encourage him to go to our bed on a Saturday night with my husband and watch Doctor Who with him. Inevitably he'd fall asleep and we'd lift him out later.

Then when I was pregnant with the twins I had to spend two weeks in hospital prior to their birth due to pre-eclampsia, and my lovely Dad would come and pick me up for a couple of hours a day. JJ and I could spend that precious time in bed together watching movies, as I was not allowed to do anything for fear of my blood pressure rising.

Our bed in our old house

Once the twins came along, one or the other was often in our bed. When you have two babies together, you're keen to keep the screaming one away from the other so it doesn't escalate to them both screaming. Then as they got older and didn't want to nap anymore, we progressed to girls quiet time, and the three of us would climb into my bed. Initially I'd read with my back to them and if I was super lucky they'd nap or more often they'd giggle and scrap with each other. So it progressed to me in the middle, having some quiet time whilst they took had a cat nap either side of me.

Of course I don't need the girls to jump in with me for an afternoon cat nap anymore, but that doesn't stop my bed being a favourite place for Miss E and I to snuggle up and read a good book, or for Miss M to tell me about her day. Or even for JJ to come and lie next to me, when I've already gone to bed and I'm reading and he wants to download his day and chat to me.

It's definitely the bed itself that is the attraction though, rather than my husband or I as I often find the kids in our room when we're not there too. It seems to be a great spot to watch your iPad, listen to your music, read a book, chat or even craft. Yes Miss E can often be found on my bed making jewellery or sewing.

I'm not sure why our bed is such an attraction, as all the kids have their own rooms and good space to play and relax. About four years ago we moved our girls into separate rooms at their request but they're starting to change their minds and talk about sharing again. My husband and I have chatted about getting the kids bunk beds, but as we have sloping roofs in the bedrooms, we think it might be a bit tricky. There is something super fun about sleeping in bunk beds when you're a youngster though and you never know, if we invest in some maybe that will free up our bed!

I've got smart now and put a cover over ours, to keep our bed clean!

Well I say that, but we got adopted by Pusspuss the cat back last Summer and he has now decided that our bed is the best place for him to sleep. So I fear we'll be sharing our bed for some years yet! I don't mind too much though as he tends to fall asleep on my husbands side, so I don't have the job off kicking him off at bedtime! lol