Friday 4 January 2019

New Years Reasons to be Cheerful - 2019

Happy New Year cheerful friends. I had totally forgotten it was Thursday until Becky gave me a prompt and even then this is a day late, but I have had the most lovely time over Advent, Christmas and New Year, so it is only right that I post and record some of those wonderful moments.

I started reading my daily bible again and have been enjoying regular quiet time in the prayer centre.

I'm really loving reading at the moment and I'm getting through at least one book a week. I've enjoyed many yummy coffees and cakes in December and now I've started Slimming World, so they have to go on hold for a while!

I had a nice night out with just Miss E. JJ was with his Police Cadets having their Christmas meal, Miss M was at the school disco and my husband was out for a Christmas meal too.

This little fella is becoming more and more confident in our home and I love snuggling up for a cuddle.

We had a lovely family Christmas meal together, both before Christmas and on New Years Day. It was so good to eat, chat and play games together.

We had the graduation ceremony for all our young adult volunteers who have worked their time at Ashburnham Place and all the directors did a little entertainment. That's my hubby being the Greatest Showman.

My parents and brother came to stay for Christmas and it was great to spend time with them.

Boxing Day saw us all go to Brighton and the girls had fun ice skating and we all got some bargains in the sales and enjoyed yummy Italian.

New Years Eve was an 80's aerobics party here and we got dressed up and enjoyed ourselves with games, dancing, a game of Risk and then fireworks.

On New Years Day I joined the local Slimming World group and yesterday I headed to the gym to worked out and have a swim. I have practically cleared my diary for the next few months and getting a healthier lifestyle on track is my number one focus.

Linking up with Becky at Lakes Single Mum, who'll be hosting #R2BC for all of January and then it will be back with me in February,