Sunday 20 May 2018

Our Fabulous new Laptop Bags from Inateck

Just a few weeks ago JJ treated himself to a new laptop but not just any laptop, a super-special gaming laptop, one that cost twice as much as my regular laptop. With this in mind we said that he definitely needed to get some protection for it and something sturdy to be able to carry it around in.

We started to have a look around and settled on the Inateck anti-theft backpack with USB charging port and it was a super bargain price of just £23.99. The bag is available in a dark grey, black or blue and it has more pockets than you can ever need. Or so I thought but JJ tells me all the pockets are perfect as he can use the bag for school too and it means he won't have to root around looking for things as they can all have their specified space.

I'm pleased to say that the part where you put your laptop in is very padded and there is an elasticated strap that Velcros it in, so it can't be easily stolen. It takes up to a 15.6" laptop, which is good as that is what JJ has. Also inside is a USB cable that you can attach to a power bank, that will sit in the inside pocket and this then feeds out to a another USB port so you can plug your own cable and phone in to charge whatever gadget you want. You can see the external port in the far right photo below.

The bag itself is a tough nylon fabric, which is waterproof, scratch-resistant and anti-tear. The back of the backpack is super padded (and made from breathable sweat-resistant mesh) to make it comfy on your back and it has a chest strap to help spread the weight correctly. You also get a lightweight extra waterproof cover for if it really pours down and you want to ensure your laptop and gadgets stay water-tight.

The two side pockets can easily hold drinks bottles or whatever else you fancy and I really like the two smaller pockets on the front as the zips are hidden but they are not at all difficult to open as I might have expected. In all, both JJ and I are very happy with this bag and I think it will last well. He can't wait to start using it for school on a daily basis and then in the holidays using it to take his laptop away with us.

I didn't want JJ to be the only one to enjoy something new though, as to be honest I've been taking some risks when I take my laptop out with me. With a couple of new jobs I seem to be taking it out more and more and grabbing the nearest bag really isn't a great idea. Just look what I've been using, (left photo) there is no protection and it doesn't even fit in it properly. Then look to the right and this is my new bag, also from Inateck. I can wear it over my shoulder and have my hands free!

The laptop shoulder bag retails for £18.99 in the 15.6" size that I needed. If you want a smaller one then the price decreases, which is good. I love the simplicity of this bag. The main body of the bag opens at the end for you to slip your laptop in and you won't believe how super soft it is inside, my kids kept stroking the flannel lining. The grey exterior is a five layer eco-friendly polyester that utilises liquid-proof 600D wear-resistant technology and offers great protection from shocks.

The bag is trimmed with an elasticated faux-leather orange handle and tag, which make it look stylish. The shoulder strap is adjustable, has a comfy shoulder pad and is easily removable from the bag should you wish to just hold it by the small handle.

There is a zipped compartment at the front and this is big enough for a charger, iPad, notebook, your keys etc but it can look a bit bulging if you put too much in there. The thing I actually really like is that the bag is slimline and sleek and therefore I won't be adding in loads of extras, it is purely for my laptop and charger when I need to work out of the home.

As well as our new laptop bags we were also lucky that Inateck sent us a 3 port 45W USB wall charger. This charger has one USB-C port and two smart-charging USB A ports and it comes with a 2M USB C-C Cable and three travel plugs - UK/USA/Euro so the charger can be used anywhere.

We are heading off to France next week and I'm really happy to be able to take this with us as it means one plug socket can charge two of our iPads and my new Huawei, which uses the USB-C port. The three different plug socket heads are easy to slide on and there is a button to press to release the head when you need to change them.

The multi-charger is available in black or white and it retails for £26.99. You receive just the one 2 metre USB C-C Cable with it and I like that it comes with a little branded velcro tag to keep the wires tidy. You need to provide the other USB cables that you wish to use and I received one new lightening cable from Inateck (£6.99 for a 1.2 metre cable) and took one from one of my apple chargers so I could use the charger to full three device capacity.

One of my 10 year old's saw me charging the three gadgets and told me it was naughty and you shouldn't plug multiple things in one socket but I reassured her that the Inateck multi-charger has been designed especially for this purpose and has overload, over current, short circuit and over voltage  protection. So now we all feel very happy and safe with our super-quick and efficient charger.

I've been really happy with the Inateck products that I've received and I will definitely shop with them again when I need other electronic storage bags/ sleeves or chargers and phone accessories.

Disclosure: We received these items free of charge from Inateck for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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