Saturday 30 September 2017

Designed to be Different - What I Learnt at BritMums Live Today #BML17

Big Ben London and the River Thames

That I'm different
and it's OK to be different.

That my fashion sense isn't like anyone else's and that may be because I'm lacking in style
and I'm OK with that.

That I should have had a Diet Coke rather than wine last night
because I'm a Lightweight.

That flat lays will never be me, I just don't have that eye
but I have other talents.

That I don't have to conform
and I love the freedom that allows me.

That no-one else can do me as well as I can
so I need to embrace who I am and celebrate it.

That factors like DA, page views, sponsored post rates and TOTs scores don't define me
because I'm way more than a number.

That letting your blog and social presence change and evolve as you do is good
because being authentically you will always be more important than being liked.

That very few people know who I am nowadays
and I'm happy being under the radar.

That I'll probably never have thousands upon thousands of followers on Instagram 
and I'm glad for the anonymity that allows.

That I'd rather go home and watch Casualty with my kids than go for a glam awards night on a boat and that making that choice to suit me is the right thing to do.

That no-one has the right to dictate how you should live (or blog) your life
because nothing is more important in my life than what I want for it.

That my blog is a major success, because I say it is and only I get to judge me
and the same goes for you and your blog.

So my key learning from today's conference - 

That it's OK to be different. It's good to be different. In fact it's perfect to be different.

Embrace who you are and develop it, stop trying to be a carbon copy.

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