Friday 26 May 2017

Three Ways to Reclaim Space in Your Home (Permanently)

Fashionable Living Room Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sure-fire method of making sure the house was always tidy and there was plenty of space for everything? Sadly, there aren’t any sure-fire methods, but there are a few tricks that can vastly help busy people reclaim more space, and make it stick. Here are three of them:

#1 - Don’t Keep Things at Home that You Don’t Use

This doesn’t mean throwing everything away as soon as it falls out of use, because we all have stuff we want to hang onto but that we don’t use every day - or even every year.

Instead of getting rid of possessions, an inexpensive way to keep hold of them without having them take up space at home is to put them into self storage. It doesn’t matter whether you have a vast collection of items, or just a few precious objects, as self storage facilities have a good range of room sizes, even lockers.

The terms are short (you can rent a room from a week upwards), the security is high, and the locations are convenient for most town dwellers. Parking is good, even for large vehicles or lorries, and there are trolleys to help move bulky or heavy items.

One excellent idea is to use self storage on a seasonal basis so you’re not, for instance, tripping over lawn mowers and garden furniture through the winter, or fighting for closet space for summer clothes because all the room is taken up with winter boots and coats. Twice a year, you swap things round and only keep at home those items you know you want for the next few months. But because locations are handy, it’s a quick job to pop back if you want to retrieve anything.

#2 – Double-Duty Furniture

Storage furniture throughout the house is excellent for controlling all those random bits and bobs (like game controllers and TV remotes) that clutter up surfaces and make the place look untidy.

Coffee tables and end tables with drawers or shelves solve the problem in the living room, while ottoman or divan beds do the same job (but for linens, duvets and pillows) in the bedroom.

Similarly, in children’s bedrooms, cabin and captain beds are still popular with the kids, and these have multiple uses, from desks and wardrobes or simply a few drawers. Either way, it saves space on the floor which means there’s more room to play or have friends round.

#3 - Discover the Hidden Spaces

Every home has space that’s not being used as well as it could be. The space up high in a room could be used for shelves, and these can take the place of display cabinets or bookcases on the floor, again saving floor space and opening up a room for a more airy feeling.

Under the stairs is a prime dumping ground, but a few shelves in there could help keep things organised. If there’s the height, install a few hooks and a shoe rack, turning the space into a cloakroom.

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, you could discover hidden storage space underneath the kitchen cabinets, covered by the traditional kickboards. If these are fitted with hinges so they flap up, there is lots of space for extra storage of things that don’t take up much height.

Possessions have a sneaky way of mounting up, and it can take a deliberate effort to stay in control of them. Putting just one of these tips into action could make a huge difference in the amount of space you have at home.

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