Thursday 16 February 2017

8 Positive Things to Do When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes you don't even know what is bothering you but life just feels as if it is about to overwhelm you. You know how it is, some days you can take on the world and others the slightest thing may push you over the edge. Here I share five positive things you can do to help yourself when it all feels too much.

1.  Acknowledge it
It is so important that you own how you are feeling. Don't be too quick to dismiss the feelings as something silly or insignificant. It might be tempting to berate yourself as your life is good and there is no reason to feel as you do but it won't help you, you'll just get locked into a negative cycle.

2.  Be kind to yourself
Following on from acknowledging, it is important that you are kind to yourself. Remember that age old saying 'if you wouldn't speak to a friend like that then don't speak to yourself in that way'. You are a precious son or daughter of the most high and He would never speak to you in a negative way.

3.  Pray
We are only human and whilst we can be kind to ourselves realistically we may not solve the problem. We need God for that. So when it feels like you can't handle it, turn to him. Seek out a quiet place (10 minutes in the toilet if that's all you can grab) and really talk to a God. Of course it's OK to be honest with him - shout, cry or scream if you need to. If you can't tell God how you truly feel then who can you tell? But make sure you listen too, if you are so busy screaming you might just miss the still small voice that wants to caress, soothe or guide you.

4.  Have fun/ Be silly
When you are feeling glum and like the world is too heavy it is perfect to lighten the mood and do something silly. Tonight I had a greta laugh with about eight others playing malteaser football and the party game where you have to get an after eight from your forehead to yoru mouth without hands. We all laughed so much our bellies hurt, it was great.

Another thing that has had me roaring with laughter just recently was using these fab beer mats for candid photos, When I met up with my old Uni friends for a reunion after 12 years apart last year we didn't care who was watching as we laughed like we had in our early twenties in the middle of the trendy Borrow Market coffee shop Monmouth.

5.  Make a list
Try and identify all those things that are adding to your feeling of being overwhelmed. Put them all down in a big list, it doesn't matter what order they go in or if they seem insignificant. What is important is dumping them all from your mind so you are not clogged up with feelings of having too much to do. Once they are all written down that might be enough for you or maybe you'll want to spread them across a few days or put them in order of importance or even allocate how much time you think it will take to complete each task. Be really honest with yourself and remember to be realistic.

If you are anything like me you'll want to use some pretty stationary for your list writing and I'd definitely recommend a visit to check out The Works as they have such variety at fabulous prices. Also, make sure you sign up to their mailing lists as you'll regularly be sent great deals and money off vouchers. I got a 20% one just today!

6.  Focus on one task at a time
From your list, choose just one task that you will tackle first. It doesn't matter how long it takes to do it but it is important not to get distracted and to finish it and then acknowledge its done and celebrate crossing it off. Little steps will make a difference. 

7.  Focus on someone else
You may find that even though you have written out all the tasks that need to be achieved that you just can't face getting on with any of them and again that is OK. Allow yourself to be in that place and instead focus on someone else, it is amazing what a difference this can make. One way is to rite out a letter or card to send to someone that you know will appreciate it. 

Often when I am in this place mentally I'll take the opportunity to write to my sponsored children in Haiti and India and by focusing on their needs and praying for them I can find myself lighter and feeling more in control afterwards. 

Also just after Christmas I bought some fab cards from the Works and at just £2 for two boxes of eight cards you can't go wrong. So I'm enjoying sending these to friends and family that I don't get to see as often as I'd like as a nice reminder that I am still thinking about them and willing to make more effort than a like on Facebook.

8.  Get Outdoors
Go on, go out for a walk and breath in some fresh air. It doesn't have to be anything strenuous but even a walk round the block and stop to admire whatever you see on the way may be enough to clear your head and give you a different perspective.

I hope these practical tips will help you next time it all feels like life is getting too much!

Be blessed, Mich x

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