Wednesday 1 February 2017

5 Months Later - Hotter School Shoes Update

Pictures taken in the Hotter Store, Eastbourne

You might recall that all three of my children were super lucky back at the end of August and chose a pair of Hotter shoes each for back to school. They have all been wearing their shoes for all of Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan and I'll let you take a look at the shoes and see for yourself how they are doing.

The Pictures above were taken in January 2017 as they came off the kids feet, so without them being polished and the ones below are today with them polished ready to wear again tomorrow.

Brilliant, right?

I knew they would last though as I've had pairs of Hotter shoes for around three years and worn them so much and they are still fab and also last year JJ had a pair of Venture men's Hotter shoes and they lasted him from January though to July and we only had to get new ones as his feet grew too big!

The morale of this story is to invest in good quality leather shoes and they will last. It really is a false economy to buy shoes for just £15 or £20 as my kids ruin them within a month or two, whereas as these shoes have lasted so well and don't forget if you shop in the sales they are even better value.

Hotter also regularly have special deals that come through via their newsletter so definitely sign up. You can often get free delivery to your home (or always to in-store) or deals such as 25% off or £30 off if you buy two or more pairs.

Disclosure: My children each received a pair of shoes for review. There was no obligation for me to write again about them but I wanted to demonstrate how they are holding up. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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