Friday 9 December 2016

Video Review: Samsung AddWash WW8500 12kg Washing Machine

You know the M&S adverts, "this is no ordinary sausage roll this is an M&S sausage roll" and all those kind of things? Well this washing machine that I have been trying out is no ordinary washing machine, it is a Samsung AddWash machine with ecobubble technology and digital inverter motor, it is the pinnacle of washing machines and for me becomes my number one brand for laundry appliances.

I've had a few Samsung products over the years and I have to say they have lasted well, we have a small TV upstairs that we have had for almost two decades and the girls have Tab2 tablets that have taken such a battering and they are still going strong. Samsung is a name I trust and will happily buy but I admit I had no idea they did large kitchen appliances and now I am keen to let the world know how good they are. I said this to my Korean friend Eun Keoung when she came for dinner the other night and she laughed and said 'of course, they are Korean'.

Let me give you an introduction to this superb machine with a run down of its many features -
  • Stylish - Super-modern styling with the black glass door (machine available in white or graphite)
  • Add in forgotten laundry - AddWash door so you can add laundry or cleaning products after a wash has started
  • Large 12kg drum, big enough to wash a king size duvet or if you only have a small family, the whole weeks wash in one go!
  • 5 year warranty for the machine
  • Use less detergent -Ecobubble technology, which means you need less laundry product and air, detergent and water mix to create bubbles which penetrate deep and really clean the clothes very well. This technology can be used at lower temperatures which means you save money and the washing results are just as good
  • Bubble wash - an extra 30 minute add-on for clothes that really need a good soak and clean
  • Super quiet and minimal vibration - Digital inverter motor for a quieter wash and less vibration with a 10 year warranty for the motor.
  • VRT Plus technology also helps to give a peaceful wash as it keep the washing machine drum in perfect balance. The noise level does depend on your houses plumbing and the machine being straight on the floor though. Sadly we have rubbish plumbing and my old machine made a high pitched sequel when filling, this one just makes a whoosh, which you can hear on my video review but the spin cycle is as quiet as can be. No more taking off aeroplane noises in my house!
  • Remote control by App - Ability to control the washing machine remotely by use of the Smart Home App, you can choose a wash cycle and set it to go or pause when our and about and if you set this up it will send you reminders that the washing has finished and is still in the machine. You also get notifications that you have left an item forgotten in the drum
  • There is a light inside the drum which is very handy and makes taking the washing out easier
  • 17 different wash cycles, all for slightly different needs and you have the ability to change the temperature, rinse cycles and spin rpm for them all! More than you can ever use, right?
  • Self-cleaning drum - Eco drum clean cycle to ensure your machine stays clean and runs at optimum capacity. You will receive a reminder very 40 washes to run this cycle and it doesn't require any products, cost or effort on your part
  • Progress bar on the LCD screen that shows you how far through your wash cycle is and also the time shows on the display. If you are out and about you can also see time left on your Smart Home App.
  • Energy efficient machine rated A+++
  • Green machine - The eco credentials of your chosen wash can be easily seen by pressing the Spin and Options buttons together. The Super Speed wash is great as is the Super Eco wash if you want a longer wash.
  • The detergent drawer is really sturdy and has an easy release lever for taking it out for cleaning
  • Child lock easily turned on if required
  • Error Diagnostics - Smart Check, which will alert you and diagnose (via the App) any problems you may have. Of course this is also a list of common errors in the manual too and I was pleased to see a good size manual, so you can read up and not have to rely on the web if you don't want to
  • Dimensions - H85cm x W60cm x D60cm
But this list is just a taster as what you really want is to see the machine in action, so have a watch of my video review and I'll show you how good the washing comes up even in a cold eco wash, all the different cycles, how to self-clean the machine and the sheer size of the drum but all neatly packaged in a regular sized washing machine, It's a winner!

I think you can probably tell, I absolutely love this machine but of course, the biggest factor will be how it lasts and performs over time, so I'll come back and update this review in six months or so and then a few years down the line so I can present a true picture of how my Samsung AddWash machine is working out, I feel really confident that I'll be able to say it is lasting the course and proving to be value for money but we will see...

Talking of money, this is a premium machine with many features as you've discovered already so the price of £1049 is to be expected and I found the best price on and also John Lewis.

Thanks so much to Samsung and Mumsnet for picking me to review this machine. You have made my Christmas and now I just need to source a new dishwasher, lol!

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