Saturday 31 December 2016

#1GoodThing End of Year Round-Up

At the end of November I posted to say I'd be sharing a picture a day on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag of #1GoodThing. This picture would sum up a moment in my day that was really good and I was grateful for. My aim was to stay focused on the truly important things during December when things can go a little crazy and it worked.

Therefore I'm going to keep going and it will be an ongoing project for me in 2017 sharing at least #1GoodThing every day in an effort to keep me grounded and thankful for all that God has provided.

If you want to join in with me, you are really welcome. I love to come and see the photos others are sharing with #1GoodThing and I comment and like all of them. I'm also hoping in 2017 that more people will seek out other photos with the hashtag and comment and like those and we will get some reciprocation and community going but I'm still very small fry on Instagram so we will see where it goes and I won't set myself any unrealistic targets that will tie me up in knots and make me feel useless if people don't get on board.

It is that same old nugget of staying true to your own goal and that for me is about being thankful and staying in the moment. Anything else that comes about is a nice bonus.

I've been doing a round-up of some of my favourite posts shared by others with the #1GoodThing hashtag for Advent (Week 1, week 2, week 3) and here is my final one of the year.

So excited to share this #BestNine2016 image from Vic Welton as it includes the pic where she revealed her much awaited pregnancy. All the love in the world Vic x

Isn't this image just darling. You can see that My Model Mummy has a real love for flowers, oh and her daughter of course!

I just can't resist this little boy T Lloyd, he is so scrummy. It is that blond hair that does it, all my babes were super blond too.

I love this photo from After the Playground, I think she easily could have pretended this image was taken in her home. I'd have been sold!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. I hope you have some fab celebrations tonight. Mich x