Tuesday 4 October 2016

Kit a Kid Out for £50 Challenge - Get The Label

When I was first approached by Get the Label to see if I might like to kit my kid out in a full outfit (footwear, tops/bottom or dress and a jacket/jumper) for £50 I though they were having a laugh. Where can you buy all those items for £50 when your child is age 9 and wears age 12/13 clothes? Yes it would of course work if I was heading to a charity shop but this is all brand new gear and not just that it is designer clothes that Get The Label sell, hence the name!

Miss M was off school poorly on the day the email arrived and as she had been sick she could not go into school but realistically she wasn't too bad, so I gave her the challenge to take her mind off the aching tummy.

Now Miss M considers herself to be a bit of a fashionista, she knows what the newest trends are and she is happy to spend her own money on clothes that she loves but left to her own devices she would normally choose things that are far too old and revealing for her. I was therefore super pleased when about an hour later she showed me her choices and she had decided to kit herself out in a running outfit.
I think she did a fabulous job, let me share with you what she choose -
  • Converse Junior girls static leggings £10.12 (should retail at £19.99)
  • Sketchers infinity vest £4.49 (should retail at £15.99)
  • Sketchers girls junior flash fleece zip hoody £12.99 (should retail at £34.99)
  • Adidas junior girls essential t-shirt £9.99 (should retail at £15.99)
  • Henley's women's Classic trainers £12.99 (should retail at £39.99)
Every item (except the trainers) were Miss M's original choice, so I was impressed that Get The Label obviously have good stock levels of the items in the clearance section. Sadly she wanted some bright pink trainers but they had gone in her size by the time we ordered, I should have realised as they did flag as 'low stock'.

The total cost of the five items in Miss M's outfit (well more than an outfit as she has two t-shirts) was £50.58 so she ended up going slightly over the budget but only because the £8.69 pair of trainers she wanted were no longer available in her size. If she could have got those the total would have been £46.28, a total bargain I'm sure you'll agree.

The really shocking thing is what the items would have cost if we were buying them off the peg without any reduction - £126.95, what a complete difference!

But anyway pictures speak far louder than words, so let me show you Miss M's choices in action as she took some exercise and went for a run after school on Friday.

Why not take a look at what her twin sister, Miss E chose too.

I'd not heard of the Get The Label site before but I'll certainly be back to shop there again. The clothes arrived really quickly, were securely packaged and we're all tip top quality, just as you would expect from brand names such as Converse, Sketchers and Adidas.

If you fancy winning an outfit for your child for £50.00 and 4 tickets to Gulliver's World you can enter over HERE.

Disclosure: We received the clothes free of charge for the purpose of this post but I was not instructed what to write and I remain honest.