Thursday 14 April 2016

Things I love.... and am Grateful for...

I've been away for a while and blog topics keep coming to mind but then I do nothing about them, as to be honest I'm quite enjoying staying away from the (self-imposed) pressures of blogging. However, the other day on the long drive home from Spring Harvest I felt compelled to make a list of all the little things that make my heart sing.

You see I felt as if I lost my joy back in December and I havn't been able to re-find it but this time away from blogging has helped immensely and my joy is definitely returning.

So as I copied this list from my email into a blog post tonight, I thought why not make this a Reasons to be Cheerful post and share all the small things that I love and make me grateful to be alive.

  • Reading chick lit books
  • Waking my children with a kiss and cuddle
  • Worshipping God in song with my family beside me
  • Spending time lying on the chaise lounge in the prayer centre waiting on God
  • A well-made latte
  • Watching an addictive box set like Suits or Covert Affairs
  • Blue skies
  • Taking lots of photos and sharing them
  • Taking photo walks with Miss E
  • Training people. Teaching them something new & seeing the realisation dawn
  • Working. The sense of satisfaction from a job well done.
  • Going to the cinema
  • Listening to varied music as my husband drives on a long journey
  • Time to chat to dh
  • Going out for a good meal, especially Indian
  • Having a day to myself with no plans
  • Taking a walk with God and really enjoying his creation
  • Watching my kids play and be kind to each other
  • Spending one on one time with each of my children
  • Laughing with JJ
  • Fresh sheets on my bed
  • Hanging washing on a line in the gentle breeze
  • Lying on a lounger abroad with the sun beating down on me (although it has been a long time now..)
  • Having a massage
  • The smell of fresh bread and the ripping it off and eating it with salted butter
  • A family picnic on a warm day
  • Sharing my heart for those living in poverty, either by writing or physical deeds
  • Italian ice- cream eaten by the beach
  • Blossom on the trees in Springtime
  • Bluebells in the woods
  • Living in the most amazing place ever
  • Visiting national trust properties

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Reasons to be Cheerful
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