Saturday 16 April 2016

Be still and know I am God

As I sat in the prayer centre the other day with my daily bible I felt God lift my hand and write me a letter but once I had finished I knew for sure that this letter isn’t just for me, it is for us all. So here it is shared with you. Take heart ..

Hey Michelle,
Relax, don’t worry.
I’ve got your back.
You’re mine,
I won’t allow harm to you.
You must know who I am?

I’m God. The big I am.
There is no-one above me.
I am the name above all names.
I love you.
So why are you fretting?

Just relax and allow it to wash over you.
Be still and know I am God.

I have great plans for you.
Plans for good, not to harm you.
They may challenge you.
They may push you into areas unknown,
But it is all for good.

You are mine,
and one day we’ll be together for all eternity.
Until then – trust me,
Rest in me and be encouraged.
For I am good and my love endures forever.

Go on, do it, whatever it is, I have confidence in you.

Love your Father.

So friends now is the time. Not tomorrow, next week, or next year. Now. He has confidence in us, let's make these changes we need to.

I’d love to hear how you are getting on and really happy to pray for you.

Be blessed, Mich x