Wednesday 18 November 2015

We're off out for a run Mum!

This was the shout I heard most mornings about 8.30am during half-term week. My twins are just 8 years old but already they want to get out and have a run.  I'd love to tell you that they have got it from dh and I but my running efforts this year were pretty appalling and thwarted by health ailments and dh's well, who knows the last time he ran anywhere! lol

No, it is lucky we live in a close-knit Christian community with about 50 young adult volunteers as this means my children have some superb role models to follow in the footsteps of. One of the things they seem to be copy-catting right now is having a bi-daily run and I can't moan at that. Nor the fact that JJ has been using our new gym on site, that is fabulous too.

It was a complete coincidence that Miss E moaned to me on the Wednesday of half-term that she had no suitable footwear as it is muddy round the lake and wellies don't cut-it when you want to run and then we received a package of three pairs of truly stunning Adidas trainers with waterproof GORE-TEX® technology. The kids were over the moon when they unpacked them.

They all received a pair of Adidas Terrex Boast trainers which use the GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort product technology, which is designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate and warmer conditions or during higher activity levels. They are durably waterproof combined with optimised breathability, offering enduring weather protection. Water stays on the outside while perspiration can easily escape from the inside. Thanks to their non-insulated construction, they are the ideal solution for people who value outstanding climate comfort and heat release.

Basically they are a super-stylish pair of trainers that allow your feet to breath and stay dry when exercising and having fun like kids do - result!

Let me share with you some pics from the girls run. This is one of our lakes, the one they run around, it takes about 20 minutes at a steady pace.

When they arrived back, Miss M had camouflage face paint on as they had met the people running a forest school in our woods, I had to laugh!

Just looks at those gorgeous trainers, they look so good and the girls tell me they are very comfy too. I was impressed that they were not too dirty, considering how muddy it is round the lake at the moment. I'll let that mud dry and then a quick brush and they will be good as new.

Disclosure: We received these shoes from GORE-TEX® free of charge for the purpose of trying them out and having some fun wearing them. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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