Saturday 28 November 2015

Finding my #IGoodThing A Day for Advent

I'm having the month of December away from blogging, I've done it a few times before and I always find a bloggy break is really good for the soul. My intention is to be really present in every moment and not thinking about where I'll find the time to write my next blog post or which review we have to undertake that weekend, Blogging has bought many blessings to my family but it is really important to know when to turn-off.

I won't be completely turning off social media but to help me stay focused on what is really important to me during Advent I'll be sharing a visual diary. One photo a day labelled as #1goodthing, this will act as a reminder of how blessed I am and how grateful to the Lord for all the great things he provides to me.

There are many initiatives out there to help you share what you are grateful for and this #1goodthing isn't intended to replace any of them, this is just a short-term personal project but if you think it would help you then please do join in with me and share a photo a day on either Instagram or Facebook (or both). You never know, as well as inspiring yourself you might just inspire someone else too.

I've been spurred to embark on this Advent journey by the wonderful talent that is Karen Walrond who writes Chookooloonks. I receive an inspirational newsletter from Karen every so often and she has a photography, journaling and reading prompt each time.  In this newsletter she talked of being in a deep funk 20 odd years ago and seeking out her #1goodthing every day helped to draw her out of that.

I know how useful it can be to seek reasons to be grateful, as it is a practise I have been undertaking for the last few years but instead of writing #3goodthings each day which works for many, I am just seeking #1goodthing and doing it visually as at the end I'll make myself a photobook as a nice little momento.

Why at Advent?
Advent is the time before Christmas when Christians traditionally pray, fast and repent before the joyous birth of our saviour Jesus is celebrated. Then once Christmas arrives our focus turns to one of hope and joy for the times ahead and the new year.

I'll be using Advent to reflect and spend a lot of time with the Lord (see my recent post about how to have a stress-free Advent) to see where He wishes to lead me in 2016 and to find direction on what my focuses should be on, Many people associate Advent as a time when you give something up and I will be abstaining too but I'll blog about that in January.

You might see the odd post appear on here but they will be scheduled ones where I was finishing off any commitments I had made.

I wish you a very happy and relaxing Advent, Mich xx

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