Tuesday 6 October 2015

Dear So and So - Welcome October

The West Lawn at my home

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for healing my knee. There I was last Wednesday ready to cry and in pain. My knee felt strained again like it was back in June and I was hobbling around. Gutted that I needed to cancel my weekend trip to Blog On Win and out of pocket to the tune of £55.

As much as I wanted to go I knew being sensible and staying home was a far better idea. Well how chuffed was I that after some considerable prayer I awoke Saturday morning to have a nice long bath and no pain in my knee. I'm again walking well and I pray this continues.

Thanks again mighty healer,

Love you, Mich xx

Hey Mich,

Staying home really wasn't so bad was it? You discovered that what you really were upset to be missing was the alone time in the hotel. Whilst you'd have had a ball at the conference and you missed catching up with some lovely friends, it is the quiet and time alone that refreshes your soul.  Then when you mentioned this to dh he said why don't you every so often just book yourself into the local Premier Inn and take some time out.

I reckon you have a pretty awesome hubby Mich, look after him girl!

Ahh JJ,

You are now 12 and I love you so much. It is clear that the hormones have arrived but I love that we can still talk about everything and that even when you get het up, once you have a chance to calm and think you come back and listen to me.  I pray this great relationship we have continues forever.

I'm so happy you have settled into secondary school so well. When I went to see your form tutor last week and she said 'Ahh JJ, yes we like JJ. What a great boy he is, so sensible and wanting to learn' I was super proud.

Well done babe, keep on being you.

Love you, Mum xx

Dear October,

I'm really pleased to see you. There are still beautiful blue skies but the the trees are starting to change and I do love the colours of Autumn. I sat in my garden on Saturday and reflected on what I'd like to achieve in October, what are my goals?  I realised that actually I'm really good at achieving things, I am a list ticker and a hard worker, so realistically anything that needs to get done does.

What I am not so good at is looking after myself, so I have created a bucket list for October of all the things I need to remember and get on top of. There is a bit of a theme there - take note Mich. You need to get your arse in gear and start looking after yourself better - more sleep, better quality food, more exercise and more water. You'll feel so much better if you get on board!

So October, I'm relying on you to help me get on track and to improve my health so I can stop feeling as if I am falling apart.

Thanks a lot, Michelle

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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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