Monday 21 September 2015

Dear So and So - La Español Edición

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Hey Mich,

Who would have guessed it? After a 30 year break since you last tried to speak a foreign language you are back in the classroom and shock, horror - you enjoyed it!

Those lies you told yourself for the last 30 years - that you are rubbish at languages and don't have an ear for it, well they are just that - lies!  You are a very capable and well educated woman and you can do anything you put your mind to. This includes learning a second language.

Now you need to keep practising - reading, online, games and most importantly talking. You are in a very unique and privileged position because you live with lots of native Spanish speakers, so make sure you make use of them and try your hardest.

I have faith in you Mich, next summer when in Spain you'll be able to chat to the natives!

Mich x


Dear Gina,

That you so much for being a brilliant and friendly teacher. I wasn't looking forward to starting my Spanish for Beginners night class but you made it fun and I now have a few words. Yes only a few but more importantly, I have the confidence to try. I might get the pronunciation wrong and I might stumble over my words but living in an international community has taught me that no-one judges. The important thing is to make the effort.

See you next Monday night, Michelle

Dear Spanish friends,

You are going to be so bored of me trying out my words on you and asking for help but I love that you are all so open and willing to help me.

In advance let me just say Gracias, Mich xx

Dear Costa Brava,

I'm coming to get you....  We have the passports. We have the desire and soon I'll have some language skills and that will make my holiday all the more special.

I can't wait to come and experience the hospitality of the locals, the amazing food, the exceptional landscapes and the sandy beaches. From what I've seen you really do have something for every family and I can't wait to come visit you and try out all you have to offer.

Yours longingly, Mich and family


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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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