Thursday 27 August 2015

Sometimes I dislike my kids...

I absolutely love this photo

I'm not sure you are supposed to be up-front and say that out loud but it is true and I'm always keen to be honest. You know - Mummy from the Heart and all that....

The first time I realised I didn't always like one of my kids I remember panicking and thinking perhaps there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was always supposed to feel complete love and adoration for them, maybe I should find their quirky ways endearing and not rage-inducing? But no, talking to other Mums I found out I was pretty normal. There will be days and times when you could happily give your kids away.

After spending four weeks of near 24 hour a day contact with all my kids I can readily tell you that there have been times I have been driven a little crazy. Three kids in a family is a difficult number I've come to realise, as there is often one of them feeling left out and that means the dreaded bickering. That, along with the following are a few of the times when I sadly dislike my kids -

  • When stuck in a car with them all and far too much luggage for near 12 hours in traffic and broken down
  • When they purposely try to wind each other up and in the process wind me up
  • When they whine at me 'Muuuuuuuuum' and whatever else follows
  • When Miss M shouts down the stairs for the umpteenth time that she can't sleep
  • When they lie about whatever it is and it is just blatantly obvious (with evidence) that they did it
  • When JJ shouts to his sisters 'get out of my room'
  • When they all argue about where they will sit in the car
  • When my 8 year olds back-chat and give me attitude as if they are already teenagers
  • When I have to tell Miss M yet again that it is not acceptable for an 8 year old to wear mascara, high heels and to cut her own hair
  • When they ask (yet again) what they can have to eat. Why are my kids never full?
  • When they roll their eyes at me
  • When they act with a total lack of gratitude and take all the amazing experiences that they get for granted
  • When they dump their things wherever they fancy and expect me to clear them up and then act as if life is so unfair when I won't!
  • Being lied to about whether they have brushed their teeth or not

So as you can tell my kids drive me bonkers at times and whilst in the main we have had a really nice summer break, I am ready to get heavy with the discipline and to get them all back in line. Easy going mum has gone and militant mum is back in favour for a while I think.

All I can say is, isn't it lucky that I love my kids? Even when I don't much like them, I still love them, every minute of every day. They can always count on my unconditional love and I'll be there fighting for them in their corner. I just wish they could be a little more pleasant to each other in the day to day and know that everything I do is with their best interests at heart.

Oh well, one day we will get there and harmony will reign but until that day I'll head upstairs and kiss them all as they sleep and know how lucky I am to be their mummy.

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