Wednesday 12 August 2015

My Best Friend is Awesome

The peace in this picture is how I feel when I spend time with my best friend

My best friend is awesome!

My best friend never tries of me. He sticks by me even when I am getting it wrong again and again.

My best friend is a constant support to me. I can talk to Him any time of the day or night and He always listens to me.

My best friend makes sure I never feel lonely. Even when I've not seen anyone else all day I can just spend time with Him and I know I am loved.

My best friend accepts me. Warts and all. He is happy to know me as I am and nothing makes Him happier than when I choose to spend time with Him.

My best friend challenges me. Whilst He accepts me, every day He makes me think about how I can grow and be the better me.

My best friend knows how to calm me. When my heart is racing and life feels as if it is out of control, there is only one person who can help me to feel peaceful and that is my best friend. He is the Prince of Peace.

My best friend provides for me. In the times when it is tough, He provides all I need, be it something material, answers to a problem or a shoulder to cry on.

My best friend has plans for me, plans to use me for good. He knows best and His solution will often not be mine and at the time it might actually feel pretty awful and hard to stomach but as time goes on I see why and how it happened then I can understand. Even, sometimes when I don't understand then I can trust that it was for His glory.

Sometimes when it is just me and my best friend together, I get lost in the moment and I feel his arms around me as he waltzes me off to another place and then the cool breeze comes over me as He fills me again.

My best friend is for everyone. He is the most amazing friend, He will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world and you will know it is special and it is just you and Him in that moment. But what is so clever is that my best friend is doing that for millions of people across the world all at the same time. My best friend is omnipresent, he is the most amazing, powerful, loving and awesome God.

Thank you best friend for being you. Thank you for choosing me as your friend and thanks for all you do and give me.

You best friend are awesome!

I know lots of people reading this won't be Christian and don't share the same views as me but many people ask me what it means to be a Christian and how if affects the way I live. So I'm going to be doing a series of posts to try and give more insight to what being a Christian means to me. I'd love to hear your thoughts, lively (but polite) debate is always encouraged.
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