Monday 1 June 2015

Dear So and So - Delightful Devon

Oh Devon,

We only saw such a small part of you on our whirlwind three night trip over the weekend but how I love you. So lush, so green, just like a massive patchwork quilt spread before us as we drove along. I adored being up in the hills and taking the roads down to Sidmouth or Exmouth. You literally took my breath away as we cruised over the summit and saw the views across the fields and down to the sea. Simply stunning, I'm sure we will be back.

Gratefully, The Pannell family

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Ruud and Jac,

Mazzard Farm is delightful. You have created such a wonderful oasis for busy families to come and stay in the middle of nowhere. Your six cottages clustered together are beautiful, each so well decorated and furbished with more than we could ever need on a holiday. All the little touches like feather duvets, a cream tea on arrival, DVDs to enjoy, bikes, scooters and skates for the kids to borrow and handmade soap just show how you care.

I asked the children what their favourite part of our holiday away was and I was told by one, feeding the goats, another said your swing play area and spending time with your daughter Amber and the last said it was borrowing the skates and playing with the other children. Not one of them mentioned our days out or our family time together, it was all about your super holiday hideaway.

Well done, you have created the perfect home away from home.

Mich and the gang x


Now Country Lanes,

You know how I hate you. I manage to live in rural East Sussex and avoid you but there really is no avoiding you to get to Mazzard Farm. Each time we went along I prayed hard and I was not even driving. I am so grateful to dh that he navigates these little lanes, although realistically we only met a car once and a horse once! It was a good job Mazzard Farm was everything I had hoped for and more as that was the only thing that kept me travelling along you day after day.

From, the lady glad to be back in East Sussex where she can always choose a 2 car lane!

Hey Kiddies,

I'm so glad you had a great time whilst we were away but now we need to get some routine and normality back. Girls 8pm is your bedtime and JJ 9pm is yours and frankly I don't care if you are not tired, you just need to go to bed and behave as I don't like the cheek that comes out of your mouths when you become overtired.

I've told you so many times before it is not my job to be your friend, it is my job to do what is best for you and that means bedtimes and installing manners, so hop on and sleep!

Love you all really, ranty Mummy xx

Dear Exmouth crazy golf,

Do you realise how happy you made JJ. Four times he managed to get his ball in that 11th hole and win himself a free game. What fun we all had and even though he did not use all the games, the smile on his face was so worth it.

Thanks for the cheesy seaside fun,

Mich and JJ


Oh Prospect Plaice (Sidmouth),

Your name might have be as cheesy as anything and the look of the restaurant was nothing to write home about but your fish is to die for. There really is something about having fried fish by the seaside, nothing like it being caught fresh and sold within hours. I'd highly recommend you and the waitress who worked like a trojan was super too.

Thanks a lot, very happy customers


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Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart

Disclosure: We received a three night complimentary stay at Mazzard Farm in return for an honest review, which I'll be publishing soon.
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