Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dear So and So - to my JJ

To my most gorgeous boy,

In a few short months you will be twelve and starting secondary school. I am so proud of you and how far you have come. From the giant 5 year old who started school and lacked any kind of empathy or relationship with other children, who also dribbled constantly and had no sense of coordination or balance to the well-rounded lad you are now. In the last seven years you have bloomed and grown so much and I'm so glad to have been a part of your journey.

Of course at times it has been hard, there have been tears, there have been discussions, deep discussions, oh so many discussions about what is acceptable and appropriate behaviour and how to read people and to know when an apology is required or a kind word appreciated.

Before me now stands a young man, nearly as tall as I am. A guy with a great sense of humour, who is fun to be with and still likes the odd snuggle with his mum. I love it when we get the rare chance to go out alone and you talk and you talk and you talk.

You don't expect too much, you are grateful when I make an effort for you or give you something and I love that you are willing to do the recycling or help your sisters with their homework when I am overwhelmed with the amount of help they need. 

Of course you're not perfect, who is? And anyway you are just young with lots more growing and learning to do but there is no need for me to bring up the little bits that still need working on, we all have those.

This last week has been your year 6 SATs and you have approached them with a great attitude. I couldn't believe it last weekend when you asked for some time to do some extra revision, despite already being predicted good grades. Your determination to work hard and achieve well impresses me but remember it is far more important to me to know you are a kind and loving boy than a high achieving one, be kind to yourself as well as others and keep your expectations realistic.

There are the odd bits I worry about but then I suppose that is my job as your mum. I have to let you find your own way and make mistakes if necessary. That is how you will grow and develop after all. I have to remember that you are not me and the things that have blighted my life may not be an issue for you. It is my job to provide you with information and to help educate you so you can make informed decisions for your future path.
Thank you JJ for being a part of mine and Daddy's lives, you really do enrich them and you were the one who taught us how to be parents and showed us how much love we have available.

Love you always my baby, no matter what you do.

Mum xxxx


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