Thursday 26 February 2015

I choose to be thankful and it makes a difference #R2BC

Good day friends, I hope you are well today. It's time to share our reasons to be cheerful/ thankful /glad. What is making you grateful today?

As always I'm feeling blessed and knowing I'm a very lucky girl. This doesn't mean that my life is peachy and I have everything I want it just means I have everything I need and I'm safe and content. Life is always full of issues and struggles but it is how we choose to deal with those that shapes our character and attitude.

I'm am spoilt for choice of which things to share with you as my chosen reasons. It could easily be the wonderful weekend I spent with my family in London at the Royal Garden Hotel or maybe the prayer course I attended last night and the good conversations that came out of that. It might be the fact that my parents are coming to stay in a week and I'm looking forward to good times with them but actually I'm going to set myself the challenge of coming up with reasons that have all occurred today (and it is only 9.30am as I type this).

1.  I getting up half an hour earlier at the moment and am using that time usefully. Yesterday I exercised and today I prayed

2.  I'm sat in a cafe watching the world go by and I've just had a cheeky bacon sandwich, I really enjoyed it and it is my treat for the day

3.  The water I'm drinking tastes good. I think after going to Ethiopia I can never again take clean water from the tap for granted. The added benefit is that I've upped my water intake over the last week or so and my skin and nails are looking much better for it

4.  I'm just off to weigh in at Slimming World, I have no idea if I have lost weight this week but I keep going back. I'm not avoiding the issue, I know I will shift this weight and be a healthier me 

5.  Then after I'm off for coffee and chat with a group of good friends, it will be a couple of hours of scintillating conversation

My life is good. I pray yours is too and if not, how can you change it or your attitude towards it?

Reasons to be Cheerful (#R2BC) is being hosted on OJo's World.this week but she is a little late with it going live so I've added in the blog hop code (Jo's code, don't worry - it's not a separate one) so you can link up your post and at some time today it will appear on Jo's blog.

Please do head over and comment on some of the others linked up, it makes such a difference when we all get to know each other. Mich xx