Thursday 20 November 2014

Beautiful Christmas Jewellery gifts from Merci Maman

I've seen that quite a few of my blogger friends have written about Merci Maman over the last 2 or 3 years so when they contacted me and asked if I'd like to review a necklace for them I was very excited. Sadly the email had gone into spam and been unnoticed for a while so when I went back to them to ask if they were still seeking people I wasn't sure if they would be but it was obviously meant to be as they sent me a link for a new necklace that as yet had not been reviewed by anyone else. Coincidentally this was the necklace that I had chosen the night before when I looked through the site.

Eternity Trio Necklace
The necklace I was sent was the Sterling Silver mothers personalised Eternity Trio necklace. This is a real statement piece of jewellery and I had not realised it would sit quite so large on my neck, I should have realised though as it is clearly stated that there are three rings of 3cm, 2.2cm and 1.5cm on a loop which can be hung from a necklace length of your choice - 45cm, 60cm or 80cm.

The necklace retails for £99.00 with a 45cm chain and it is additional £5 for a 60cm one or £10 for 80cm. I also liked that they gave the option to buy a second chain with the product and then you could wear it in two very different ways with a long or short chain, creating more variety.

You can also buy the same necklace but 18k gold plated if that is more your style and it is the same price. The beauty of this necklace is that because it is large and there are three loops you can really go to town with the personalisation.  I decided to put my husbands name on the smallest, then my sons and then my twin girls on the largest but you can do whatever you fancy. Names, dates, a motto - the choice is yours. You can see how it looks in the photo above.

Ordering and delivery
I didn't use the website to place my order but I've had a good look round and it is all very simple to navigate and the pictures are very good and show many views of the products. It is clear what choices you need to make and how to submit your personalisation. There are good descriptions also and the delivery pricing is easy to understand. It is £2.95 for 1st class delivery in the UK or £9.95 for delivery by 1pm the next day. I think their Europe and Worldwide delivery is especially good at just £2.95.

I received my necklace the day after I placed my order and an email to confirm it was on its way.  I really liked the way it was packed, from the personalised plastic mailing bag right through to the high quality, gorgeous orange box that ties with a white satin ribbon. As my necklace charm would have moved about in the box it was taped down with a little personalised Merci Maman tape, they do seem to have thought of everything. This would be an absolutely delightful gift to open.

Reviewing my necklace
I'll be honest the first necklace I was sent felt a little scratched when you looked at it in some lights. I had seen so many pictures on other blogs and all their silver looked perfect and pristine, so I emailed and sent a picture and just asked if it met their standards.  My contact was horrified I had been sent a scratched necklace and sent me a prepaid return label straight away and had a new necklace dispatched to me the same day.

I was much more pleased with my second necklace as it did no look scratched like the other had.  I asked Merci Maman what would happen if a customer received a scratched necklace and this is what they said -
It is very unlikely and very rare but when it occurs we do ask for a photo and we replace the item straight away because the satisfaction of our customer is so meaningful to us. That’s one of the reason why we have an incredible 98% satisfaction on FEEFO reviews. If it is Merci Maman fault, we send it over to the customer for free and if the customer made a mistake whilst placing the order and realises it when he receives the item we redo it for half price for him.
I think that sounds good and very fair and reassuring that Merci Maman are a good company to do business with.

I have been wearing my necklace and it is pretty, larger than I would normally wear and the chain slightly shorter. As a larger lady I would have liked a chain just about 3-4cm longer. I do have to be honest and say I get a little annoyed at my necklace as it does not stay in the position I want it to. You can see in the photos below that on the left is how the necklace is supposed to hand but within minutes of it being on your neck the 3 circles move and the middle one ends up under the largest one or inside it and as you fiddle with it to put it back how it should be it ends up looking all dull due to fingerprints. Also the names move about, so they can all end up at the top one under another, I would have quite liked the rings to be set statically so they stayed in place. Of course this might not be any issue to you and you are happy that it is fluid and moves about.

You can see the chain is a kind of rectangle link and it has a back clasp which I'm pleased to say tends to stay in place and not move about on your neck.  The chain is nice quality and I'm happy with it and of course you get the Sterling Silver mark on the back of the charm.

It is obvious to me that Merci Maman create a high quality personalised product and that they really care about their brand and customers. I would certainly be happy to buy from them again and in fact I have my eye on a beautiful bracelet.

Disclosure: I was sent the necklace free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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